Programs to Edit Videos For Free

The Top 3 Programs to Edit Videos For Free

If you are working on a communication campaign that includes creative content, knowing the programs to mount videos in full autonomy could be very useful. Especially if they can be downloaded for free.

Adding videos to your content marketing strategy is undoubtedly a great choice, especially if you consider the increasingly consistent relevance of audiovisuals in recent times. Just think about how many users watch YouTube videos every day! Being there on these channels for your company can really make a difference.

Thinking about the topic of the video, designing the concept down to the smallest detail, designing characters and sets: isn’t all this stimulating? We could say exciting, without thinking twice. Fun, creative at best. But when the boring moment comes to mount, adjust and assemble … here comes the sore point! Unless you are a   professional motion designer who is already familiar with very technical and expensive software like Final Cut, Sony Vegas Pro or Premiere, you will need to use programs as simple and intuitive as possible to use. Trust them, they will become your best allies, and they will allow you to reach the results you have set for yourself.

Here we will review the top 3 of the best video editing programs which uses many Post Production Studios in Dubai, which may not aspire to be cinematographic works of art, but have their why. Ready to take notes? Let’s start.

1. Apple iMovie

This software is very practical and functional. It allows you to import and edit 4K Video from a large number of external devices, such as your smartphone or digital video camera. The interface is user friendly, the features are easy to understand. With a little practice you will soon learn to use it without problems! The advantage offered by this program is given by the possibility of starting the video editing on iPhone, iPad, GoPro and similar, and then ending up on the computer.

You can embed both images and audio resources in the project, simply by dragging the files into the area dedicated to the project. The result will be a sort of timeline in which you will see the different tracks distributed on distinct bands. You can also preview the final video before exporting it and posting it on YouTube or Facebook.

Add audio and video effects to your liking!

2. Avidemux

Avidemux is an open source program, distributed under the terms of the free license GNU General Public License. It is very fast and effective because it can support a wide variety of files. It is designed specifically to make clippings, apply filters or make changes to codecs.

Avidemux also allows you to change extensions and select specific video output formats. Warning: remember to always save the file you are working on, because sometimes the software gets jammed and suddenly crashes. Despite this small flaw, it remains an excellent tool with which you can play around giving your touch of personality to the video. In short, it is well suited to those who want a light, easy and unpretentious editing. Naturally without having to renounce the quality of the final result.

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is one of the easiest video editing programs to use, and perfectly meets the needs of those who are not experts but still want to experiment as much as possible. It supports different formats with resolutions up to 4K, and the import of files normally runs smooth as oil. In addition to being multi-platform (it can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux), the interface is customizable and has a modular style. It is organized by screen areas and panels with timeline, preview and list of resources. The latter is located at the top left and is called the playlist: this is where you will then insert the audio and video files you want to work on.

The timeline can accommodate an unlimited number of tracks to which you can give the different effects provided by the program’s features.

Shotcut looks like a very versatile and powerful software, which has nothing to envy to other paid programs.

Here we have reported our top 3 of the best programs to edit videos for free, but know that if you do a little research you will also find other valid ones. Here are some names to be combed, if you are interested in having further alternatives to test:  OpenShot, Lightworks and HotFilm Express. And now … you just have to choose the software that best fits your project – and your taste!

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