Video animation services and their impact on marketing

Video animation services cater clients who require animation for their brands and organizations. There are several affordable video animation services in the market who animate on orders.

Animated videos used for representation increase followers and consumer rate. Images are known to imprint themselves more than words alone. According to a study, humans find it easier to form association with graphic content, due to the stimulus it offers which mere words fail to do so.

It also engages audience and grasps their attention. That spark in curiosity pushes them to know more about a brand or business. Animated videos is another way to make a customer stick around on your site and know more about what they are being offered. Brands which have used animated videos have experienced 400% more sales at an overall scale.

It takes longer to convey a message through words and even longer to interpret it, since perception is subjective to each individual. However a visual interpretation makes it easier to grasp concepts as it gives a clearer picture in a physical form.

Video animation services like Animation Wonder, offer their clients an experience of quality content. They promise to create videos which stand out for marketing purposes. Their team of experts which includes animators, visual content creators and video partners; all work together to come up with exceptional content which speaks on its own.

Their aim is to come up with content which makes the story understandable and interesting for the audience; all within an affordable budget. Their main focus is to create pathways for brands and businesses through animated videos, to create significant revenues. From whiteboard animation videos to motion graphics and animated videos; Animation Wonders does it all.

Animation Wonder is another video animation service which caters similar clients to the previous agency. They provide an extensive range of options, one of which is the custom character build up. They can draw characters from the scratch according to the client’s wishes within an affordable range.

Having a custom into and outro, which is solely for the purpose of attracting viewers and customers; gives brands a lead from their competitors. Not only does it remind the customers the value of the brand but its importance in their lives as well, and how it makes a difference for them.

Bold Content, is another agency which prioritizes its clients and translates their message across through animated videos. The content remains informative and yet entertaining. According to a survey, 64% customers are more likely to buy something after watching animated videos.

If the concept of an idea is complex, animated videos work best; as they explain things in simple and comprehensible terms. Bold content has worked with a wide range of customers, including; Coca Cola and Adecco. They can work with different styles and forms present within video animation for example 4D, 3D, stop motion characters and modelling. 

Going for animated videos to represent your brand is cost effective as it does not require you to hire actors, set up props and a camera crew. All it requires is a simple software, an expert and a compatible hardware.

Video Jeeves, a well renounced animating agency which maps its work and gets you exactly what you need. To enhance their work quality, they gather information regarding the required content in form of scripts and then use that to map their work. Through the help of their experienced team, they set up the aesthetics. Once the client has given their approval, that’s when the animation starts and words transform themselves into art and ideas into images. The end product is transferred to their customers in high definition.

Why video animations are a good choice for marketing;

  • A complete story in short time

Even if it’s a minute long video, it will convey a message which would have taken fifteen minutes at least to convey it through words. The stories which are portrayed in video animations are impactful and memorable.

  • Easy to understand and professional

Clear information through a simple way, does not require you to directly take part in it just to get your point across. The current rise in business growth and economy has boosted animation market. Without dedicating your time, to find the right location and people; you can easily obtain a better outcome through easier ways.

  • High demand of animated videos

Animated videos are more in demand that simple videos with actors in it. And you cannot ignore the fact that animated videos aren’t just for kids, adults adore it just as the same.

  • Does not confine creativity

It gives free space for creativity to flow without any restrictions. Gives the brand and business an inventive look, which is appealing for customers.

Author: Maria Garner

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