4 Tricks for cleaning at home if you live with pets

Pets are very dear in many homes, although it is true that combining the love of your pet and keeping your house completely clean are two difficult tasks.

The accumulation of hairs on the floor, the air that perspires in the home, the bad smell that can give off the house if you do not take care of your pet and the education of it, are some of the factors that cause it to be difficult to maintain a correct cleanliness and can lead to major health problems (infections, bacteria …).

It is for this reason that we have prepared this blog post to give you the most useful tips for your home to breathe an optimal environment and you can live with them without regret that dirt devours the home.

 1. First of all the home must be ventilated

We must let the house breathe, so that the air runs in the different rooms of the house and prevent the pet’s hair from accumulating in certain points of the house. Once aerated, it is advisable to use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and hair that may appear.

2. Vacuum cleaner

This will be the great ally for the house, since it will be the main tool that will help eliminate virtually all the hair that has accumulated. Maid Cleaning Services Jersey City * recommends thorough cleaning with the vacuum cleaner once a week.

It should be vacuumed from the furniture, to the floor (sofas, chairs, curtains etc).

* Remember that all pets (long hair and / or short hair will shed hair) so it is necessary to add it as one of the main tasks at home.

Thanks to the new technologies offered by the market, you can have a robot vacuum cleaner, which will allow you to keep the house clean daily, although it is true that it is not as effective as traditional thorough cleaning.

3. Microfiber mops

They are very effective and necessary in every home; in addition, you will avoid the bad smells that your pet can cause. Use them at least once a week throughout the home, with water and ecological cleaning products

4. Rollers removes hair

This utensil is widely used in places where pets live to remove those hairs in light and delicate clothes, plus lint and dirt in general adheres, without damaging or staining the tissue.
You can buy it in supermarkets, pet shops etc. and of different characteristics.

You can also find dog hair brush that cleans surfaces and thick and rigid garments. In addition, they are not to use and throw away, so they are a more practical option.

In addition to these recommendations, DO NOT forget about the daily treatments your pet needs. Believe us, it will thank you! Ask a professional if necessary.

Do not have time to make these recommendations for cleaning at home or have not achieved the results you expected? Cleaning Services Jersey City gives you the solution, we perform professional cleaning, with optimal and satisfactory results for the customer. We also have the machinery and products for the necessary treatment you need in each space.

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