How To Ensure Long Life of Your TPMS

Tyres safety is an issue that can be significantly resolved by using a (TMPS) tyre pressure monitoring system. TPMS is made to warn a driver about the decreasing pressure in their tyres and therefore is a necessity in the safety of the tyres. When the tyres are installed with a TPMS, the driver should always pay attention to the light on the dashboard of his vehicle, any problem with the tyre pressure is reflected by the provided light.

But the problem indicator can itself be at faulty sometimes. The main reason for the issues with a TPMS is in its design. The system is made up of small electronic sensors that are fragile and hence can break down quickly. The valve that is attached to these delicate sensors can destroy it and thereby result in the failure of the TPMS.

The corroding metal cap

It is nice to look at a metal valve cap, but when it comes to the TPMS, these valves are the deep-rooted cause for the failure of the system. The corrosion, if persist in the metal caps can seep down into the sensor’s plate and result in a catastrophic consequence. The stem of the valve as mounted with the system gets welded because of the rust with the corroding cap and thus causes a problem with the removal of the stem.

To prevent the issues existing due to a rusting metal cap, don’t use them simply. Yes, it might look a little off, but it is undoubtedly the single best solution to prevent the corrosion from happening rather than thinking about the cure against the spread of the rust. You can use the rubber valve caps instead of the metal ones that are readily available in the market.

The cores of brass valves

Have you seen a pin-like structure in the centres of your valves. That small little pin-like structure is known as the core of the valve. It can be used to remove all of the air from your tyres without puncturing it.

The core is helpful at the time of puncture repairs, where you have to let all of the air out of the tyre. The problem that is seen with using the brass valve is that they don’t go with aluminium and as the stem of the TPM system is made of aluminium it is not at all possible to avoid the corrosion from happening. Therefore, it is not suggested to use a brass valve core when installing a TPMS. Instead, you can use Nickel coated valve cores that will go beautifully with the aluminium stem.

Another problem that always lingers is the corroding stem. Because of the salt present on the roads whenever the stem of your TPM system finds the moisture, it will get corroded. You can only keep an eye on the corrosion and if it occurs, get it checked with an expert as soon as possible to minimise your expense.

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