Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Are you thinking of putting up wallpaper in the bathroom? Surely, you must be worried about the moisture, heat and peeling that the wallpaper will go through during the first few years of use. You’d be glad to know that there actually is special wallpaper for bathrooms that have a special coating on the surface which helps it stay up longer. Additionally, there are certain things that you could do on your own to ensure that the wallpaper stays as is for a longer period of time. When choosing wallpaper for bathrooms, it is important that you look for the washable kind. Washable wallpapers will be able to handle all the water content, with no sign of peeling. More ideas you can take from

Water resistant wallpaper for bathrooms has become quite common in many homes nowadays, especially in the new homes being built. Compared to traditional tiling procedures, installing wallpaper in the bathroom is much more cost effective and less time consuming. The trick in keeping your bathroom wallpaper in good condition is to complete the installation process with a coating of acrylic varnish. This would essentially give the wallpaper another coating offering a far more protective covering. The acrylic coating does not change the wallpaper color, so you get to have the same look you wanted. Regular wallpaper for bathrooms would still work, but you will begin to see peeling within three to five years, especially with increased moisture content.

In terms of designs for bathroom wallpapers, most people choose to go with the stone look or the tile resemblance. Rather than installing tiles on the wall, some people save cost and time by using tile like wallpaper for bathrooms. Water resistant wallpaper is easy to clean as you could scrub without worry about it peeling off. When the acrylic coating is applied to the bathroom wallpaper; it should be enough in holding it up for at least nine to ten years. If you maintain the living room wallpaper by applying protective coatings every five years; it should be able to stay up for an even longer period of time. Tons of people constantly wonder if it is safe to put wallpaper for bathrooms and the answer is yes; as long as it’s the right type of bathroom wallpaper.

DIY home improvement stores have vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms, which offer the same look as traditional wallpapers, but serve as a better option for the bathroom. Vinyl wallpaper is a little more expensive, but it is able to withstand a larger concentration of moisture. DIY stores will have several types of bathroom wallpapers offered in a number of different color combinations. Purchasing wallpaper for the home could end up being costly, especially when you want the best quality product. Buying wallpaper online may be the better alternative here, since you’d find a larger selection of bathroom wallpaper designs. Some online retailers send out samples for consumers to test out, so you would be able to purchase confidently knowing that you made the right wallpaper selection.

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