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Yes, you are breathing in polluted air everyday but that doesn’t make your body and health immune to it. The high concentration in air that you are inhaling may be slowly killing you inside. Definitely heavy rains have helped decrease the pollution level in Delhi and the residents are breathing better air quality after several years. But it will take a lot of time even now to get the air in India healthy and breathable.

The government of Delhi has announced that the odd-even rule will come into play this year in November. This act of government really does help in decreasing the pollution level in air. Our government is taking measures improve our environment. Likewise, even we should take steps and inculcate healthy habits in our daily life that will decrease the pollution around us. We can take minimal steps like avoiding personal cars and travelling via metro or carpool, quit smoking cigarettes, plant trees to make the earth greener, avoid burning anything, etc. Cleaning of air will take place slowly and hence we need to start today so that in some years we are able to achieve our goals. And if you are already doing that, it is nowhere wrong to advise others to help save the environment as well. 


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The air quality will get better after many years and it is obvious that no one should wait for the air to become breathable. One must take effective measures to prevent harmful health consequences of you and your family. Start including food items that are rich in anti-oxidants, drink herbal teas to boost your metabolism, wash your mattresses, cushions regularly, and keep your house clean. These are few measures that you can take but for fast and effective protection, you must buy an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers purify the air inside your home which is apparently five times more polluted than the air outside. The drawbacks of a home air purifier is that you will have to keep replacing the HEPA filters which may cost you a lot and it will only protect you while you are inside the house.

But don’t worry, there are portable and personal air purifiers available in India that you can carry everywhere with you and they will make sure you are protected from air pollution everywhere you go. The best of all is AirTamer A310 which is a light weight air purifier. Let’s learn more about it.


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It is a personal air purifier that works on advanced ionic technology in which the device emits two million ions in a second. The ions emitted get attach to the pollutants present in air and pass their negative charge on them. Then the particles with negative charge get attracted to the positively charged surfaces around you. A 3-feet sphere of cleaner and healthier air is created around your head if the air purifier is worn around the neck and is kept close to the chest.
AirTamer not only protects you from air pollution but viruses, germs, cigarette smoke, smog, pollens too. So, this device is your perfect partner if you hate smoking passively or you are prone to flu or any other air borne disease.

This device has been proved to be beneficial for the patients with pulmonary diseases like asthma or sinus. It also works best for people with allergies as it keeps allergens away. Unlike the filters that work on HEPA technology in which you are required to clean or replace filters every now and then, it has no filter that saves you from extra cost. This device also does not have any fans or motors and works silently without making any noise. Airtamer A310 can be simply charged with the included USB cable and one single charge of the device lasts for more than 150hours.


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People smoke, burn substances, drive individual cars, and do various other things that lead to increase in the level of air pollution. These activities are slowly degrading our environment and we need to stop doing that. It is not just environment that is being harmed but our health as well. So, just get selfish and help protect yourself. Stop doing activities that are adding to the air pollution and rather take measures that will help improve your health. 

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