Drawing tone

Every day a Tone Scale;)

The tone is all about the hue.

The meaning of the scale is a set of grades.

drawing tone

The tone scale is when we play piano black to white on shades of gray.

The tone is used to determine the lightness and darkness of objects in a drawing. It’s best to find out to use by operating in monochrome, however, colors even have tonal properties and may be light or dark. When painting or drawing realistically, the tone of your drawing can depend upon the position of the sunshine supply. Practice drawing or painting easy solids and their shadows, noticing wherever the sunshine is returning from.

If you know the tone scale, you can draw with a richer hue. So your picture will be more realistic.

You can create different shades by pressing on the pencil. The higher the pressure, the darker, the smaller, the lighter shades you can produce.

Make as many tone scales as possible! If you have a pencil in your hand, feel free to scale it! With each of these games, you will also improve your vision regarding the distinction between tones.

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