Wedding 101: Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Maybe you’re at the stage of your life when no matter what you’re doing and who you are with, one of the most-frequented topics of the conversations would be about engagements and weddings. Are we right? And if you’re engaged and beginning to plunge into the world of wedding planning, then congratulations! 

However, planning a wedding can be really demanding and if you’ve never experienced it before, there can be some critical things that you might fail to think about. In this article, we would discuss some of the most common mistakes that couples make in order for your wedding-planning game to step up and help you to be confident as you steer this lovely new world. 


We need to start our list by telling you to stop oversharing on social media! A lot of us are active users of social media and it can feel normal and tempting to post anything you like about your wedding. There is nothing wrong if you want to share your nearing nuptials and it’s normal to be really excited to get married to your best friend or to choose cake flavours. Why do we recommend that you do this? 

This will depend on your privacy settings because you won’t really have any idea who can see your post. Avoid broadcasting the event to the whole world and time you and your entire family members who will be away from your homes and the place you’ll be having a large party with loads of cash and gifts. 

Also, not all the people you are friends with may get invited to your wedding. Try to consider their feelings also before posting too many details about your plans.


Except if the venue is going to be at your home or your parent’s home, booking a venue is one of the top priorities when planning a wedding, since most places fill up fast. But before you do this, you need to have an estimate of how many guests will be going to your wedding. Don’t book a venue that can’t hold everyone. No one wants to pay for lots of empty, unused space. 

Hotel wedding venues can be a great option since having the wedding and the reception at the hotel can help trim down on transportation matters, the cost of gas, and disorientation. Plus, having your wedding at hotels will minify on items from getting lost or left behind when travelling from one place to the next. People won’t have any problem with travelling if everything is in one location. 


When it comes to guest lists, you need to start with a clear “plus one” policy and stick to it. Weddings are expensive, that’s why it can be unethical to randomly choose who gets to bring a date. The common rule is that couples who are engaged, married, or living together must be invited together, even if you haven’t met your friend’s partner in person. 

It’s an awesome gesture to allow everyone to bring a date— even for the single bridesmaids and groomsmen. You would want to escape from singling out the single people.  


Showers are meant to be celebrated with close family and friends, with the purpose of also showering the bride in gifts. If you’ve invited people to your shower then you’re not going to invite them to the wedding may seem shabby and may mean as a plot to acquire more gifts. 

The only exception is the workplace bridal shower, in which a big number of coworkers participate and contribute to an office celebration. If the office shower associates only several coworkers, you may opt to include these colleagues in the wedding guest list. And this will avoid any awkwardness when discussing wedding details at the office. 


When you order your thank you cards, do it before the wedding so you can begin handwriting your notes as fast as you can. Plus, it’s much better to handwrite for it to be more personalised. The question is, when is the right time to send a thank-you note? For gifts received during the engagement party and shower, it would be nice to send a thank you within two to three weeks of the festivities. If gifts were sent before the wedding date, you can send a card as soon as possible but definitely before the wedding; for gifts given on the wedding day itself, you can mail a thank-you note within three months; and gifts received after the wedding, send it within two to three weeks. Got it? 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Osprey Hotel, a luxury 4-star accommodation that allows a truly memorable urban retreat for travellers in the heart of Naas town county with 108 wide-ranging rooms and tantalizing bar menu. Ivandrea is a content writer who researches and writes custom content about home improvements, travel, finance, law, fashion, health, and beauty. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. If she’s not in the mood to write, you can find her eating ice cream while listening to rap music. 


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