National Adoption Weekend Event at PetSmart

Petsmart is a retail store where you can buy small pets, such as hamsters, lizards, mouse and many more pets and lots of services such as trimming, grooming. You can also get accessories for your baby and food and furniture and a lot more.

Petsmart is an American chain which also operates in many places such as Canada, Puerto Rico and of course the whole USA. At first, this company was a non-profit organisation which aimed to help helpless pets finding a forever home but now it is more into selling small animals and birds.

Petsmart is said to have helped a lot of animals find families. These people do not sell animals such as dogs, rabbits, cats and many more. PetSmart gives the space to rescuers and people who help animals. They also provide with food and other supplies. These people help animals who are on the verge to be euthanized.

November is almost here and another adoption event is going to start. SAVE YOUR DATES FROM NOVEMBER 8TH to NOVEMBER 10TH. Every year PetSmart hold 4 charity event and here this is the last one of the year. When you visit pet smart, remember to keep the opening PetSmart Hours. They are a little different and can be closed sometimes.

Rescue wagging programme is a well known PetSmart charity programme where there are specially designed trucks which take the dogs from overpopulated area to the area of demand. so this is a really nice charity programme that is taken by PetSmart.

Till today, PetSmart has saved approx 8,924,740 lives in the counties where they operate. That is a huge number.

Petsmart Hours

Why should you adopt?

You will not change the world by adopting, but you will be changing the world of that one animal who will steal your heart. Most importantly, you save a life. When you adopt, you fight overpopulation. There are millions of animals who need a home and are euthanized because they cannot find a home at all.

When you adopt, you help in stopping the cruelty of mass breeding facilities which are endlessly tiring poor animals and impregnating them again and again. And last but not least you get to take a trained pupper with you and you pay less.

Now coming back to PetSmart, it also conducts events on Saturdays where you get to keep a sample for dog and cat food and pets in general. PetSmart has its own website where you can buy products and sometimes you get good deals by buying from the sale. You can buy food, treats, supplies and wellness products.

As far as services are considered, you can locate a store and book an appointment. And pet services are being done by trained people who are really experienced.

Even though PetSmart is doing such good work, PETA or People for the ethical treatment of Animals is not in support of PetSmart and is urging people to stop supporting PetSmart. PETA says that is is really very cruel to buy from PetSmart because these people have been breeding small animals and reptiles in captivity.

When animals are bred in captivity, they live in a small space and spend most of their life in captivity. PetSmart also uses Glue traps which are used to keep away rodents, PETA says that they are breeding mouse and why do they need Mose Traps.

There are rumours where Rainbow World exotic was mistreating animals by not providing trained vets and needlessly killing animals. One person of PETA went undercover and for those of you who do not know what is Rainbow world, it is the largest vendor of PetSmart.

In some places, animals were deprived of water and were frozen to death and some were given the dose of carbon monoxide. PETA also says that animals are kept in cramped cages which are filthy and they are stacked one on top of the other. In a nutshell, animals are living in filthy condition and are deprived of food and water. They do not even have a place to move.

See PETA talks evidence. But apart from the evil practices, these people are saving and helping animals by providing them with a loving home. Therefore it is always said , “Adopt, Don’t shop”. There is good and there is bad in this world, let us go with good and support animals by adopting and donating.

ADOPT DO NOT SHOP! Thanks, guys for reading this article. Stay tuned for more.

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