Best Android App to Track Someone’s Location

Are you looking for the best android app to track location of your concerned ones? Many people have been taking support of location tracker apps to keep their loved ones under surveillance. Parents are tracking their kids; married individuals are tracking their spouse and employers are tracing their traveling and remote workers. Whomsoever you want to trace you need a reliable app for location finding. After reviewing the most popular android apps for location tracking we have found the best one. The location finding app of TheOneSpy is undoubtedly the best GPS location tracker app that ensures security of your loved ones. Read on to know more about this app.

TheOneSpy Location Finding App

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced monitoring and tracking apps particularly designed for parents and employers to keep their children and workers under surveillance. The app offers a wide range of features including GPS location tracking. The end-user can find out the whereabouts of the target without letting them know. Parents can know where there kids are and what are they doing. The employers can keep track of performance of traveling workers to ensure they are on assigned route.

How the Location Finding App Works

To keep tabs on the tours of your concerned individuals or groups, you need to get their android mobile phones installed with the location finding app. You can trace location of an android device without having it into possession. The spy app installed on the target android phone gets access to the GPS location of the device and uploads the location to the online portal. The end-user can sign into the online portal to check out the location of the targeted android device.

Find Out Current GPS Location

The monitoring software of TheOneSpy is one of the finest location finding app providing exact results. The end-user of the app can find out the accurate current GPS location of the target android phone or tablet. The spy app keeps user updated about the current location of the device. If you want to know the whereabouts of your kids or workers you can simply log into the online portal of the spy software and can see the current GPS location of the monitored devices of your concerned ones out there.    

See Route-Map and Tour Details

The cell phone tracking app does not only provide current location but also shows detail of a tour made. For example, if you are tracing location of your traveling sales team you can know what places they have visited; what routes they have chosen; how much time they spent on certain place. This detail lets you monitor and evaluate the performance of your workers so you could find out productive and unproductive workers of the company.

Mark Boundaries with Geo-Fencing

The app notifies you about your target’s visits to specific places. For example, if you want the app to inform you when your kids reach school you can mark location of their school on the online control panel. The app will send notification on your device every time when your kids enter and leave school. It helps ensure that your child has safely arrived where he was expected.

Identify Whereabouts with Surround Monitoring

The location finding app lets you monitor the surrounding of the targeted android phone. You can detect what is happening in the vicinity of the target device. This feature is helpful when you fail to identify your kid’s whereabouts. For example, if you are unable to recognize the GPS location of your kid, you can identify the location by seeing it. By remotely turning on the cameras of your kid’s android phone you can see where your kid is and what is he doing.

This feature is also helpful to protect your kids from wrongdoings. For example, if the GPS location of your teen’s phone shows that he is at a nearby bar, you can find out what is he doing there by turning on his phone camera. The app allows turning front and back camera of the target device by sending remote command to that device through the online control panel. You can take photos and make short videos through the cameras without letting your kids know.    

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