How Much Impact Do Online Reviews Have on Your SEO and Online Success

If you take a better look at it, you’ll see that almost every business now asks their customers to write a review. Whether we’re talking about reviews on their websites, social media, or even Google, these things help them attract more customers and make more sales. Just take a look at it this way – 93 percent of customers say their purchase decisions are influenced by online decisions. While it’s sure online reviews have a huge impact on sales, many still wonder how they impact SEO and online success. If this is the case with you, make sure you read on.

Fresh content

If you promote your business online, you probably already know just how important it is to keep coming up with fresh content. The good news is, it’s not only up to you to develop content that’ll take your SEO efforts to the next level. If your customers write online reviews, of your business, it means they’re creating fresh content that provides unique value. Search engines understand that this type of content is relevant, especially given how many shares reviews get nowadays. Not to mention that online reviews are quick and easy to read, which is exactly what people who use search engines want. So, if you think your business could use some fresh content on the web, asking your customers to review it is a great idea.

Same long-tail keywords

SEO is all about keywords. As long as you’re able to detect keywords that matter in your industry and help your website gain more attention, you’ll have nothing to worry about. What you may not know is that online reviews play a huge role in your company’s use of keywords. It’s important to understand that your customers and people who are browsing the web for products you offer have a lot in common. This means they often use the same long-tail keywords, whether they’re writing a review or typing in a search engine bar. Therefore, having customers write a thing or two about your business can help associate your company with the keywords you’re using.

Improved authority

One of the most important things Google and other search engines do is try to figure out how popular your business is. The best way to prove your authority is to get as many reviews as possible. Of course, the percentage of positive reviews is what’s going to determine how popular your business is and use that to determine your ranking. Another thing to have in mind is that you have to rely on other sources to back up your authority. This means you need people to review your business in places other than your website. Luckily, there are renowned websites that collect reviews for other businesses and turning to one of them is a no-brainer. Just take a glance at these online casino reviews and how the website monitors and certifies the reliability of each review.

Rich snippets

Although the algorithms Google and other search engines use are complex, there are some things that are quite easy to grasp. When talking about Google, it’s important to understand that it favors websites that stick to Schema standards. As long as you get enough reviews, Google can create snippets featuring your business. These snippets usually include the number of reviews your company or product got and a brief summary of what you do. The best thing about these snippets is that they’re highly-clickable and usually appear at the top of the page. Just bear in mind that Google has recently changed their treatment of star rating rich snippets which could affect your current Schema strategy.

Local SEO

SEO is critical when it comes to attracting local customers. The reason behind this is that people usually turn to a search engine when looking for a local business they can turn to. This is something search engines understand and they help them find exactly what they’re looking for. Since online reviews are one of the most accurate information they can use to find local businesses to recommend, search engines include them in their ranking system. Just think about Yelp and how it ranks local restaurants when a location-based search is performed. Remember that search engines take everything from review quantity to review diversity when ranking local businesses.

Final thoughts

It’s safe to say that online reviews are now more important than they’ve ever been before. No matter what sector you’re in, having customers write a positive review of your business doesn’t only help you attract new customers but takes your SEO and online efforts in general to the next level. With that said, it’s a good idea to use every opportunity you get to ask customers to leave a review. If necessary, think about giving them an incentive to do it. A discount on future sales is almost always guaranteed to do the trick.

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