Three Leadership Skills That Will Make You a Stronger Entrepreneur

Three Leadership Skills That Will Make You a Stronger Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who want to boost their business today must have a presence in the online world to attract sales and promote their content. Still, we really know how to use social networks to sell more.

If you are starting a venture, you surely recognize the responsibility that this implies and have asked yourself how to be a good conscious leader?

Leading is an art to do it extraordinarily, it is necessary to be honest and accept that it is a learning process. Currently, in startups, a new leadership style is evident. A different and innovative leadership for companies with many years of experience in the market. This is due to the creation of horizontal organizational structures, where an environment of freedom, awareness, and autonomy is lived.

Know the skills and learn how to be a good leader. In business dynamics, how to be a good leader will make you shine and open the doors to new opportunities. In fact, to assume leadership positions, it is essential to know how to interact, to know how to listen to interact with all kinds of personalities.

How to be a good conscious leader implies:

  • Be very human
  • Put people first
  • Have a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • Be clear about the importance of creating value relationships within the business ecosystem

To solve your question of how to be a good conscious leader, these leadership skills are mentioned below. 

Assertive Communication:

How to be a good conscious leader implies having the ability to communicate effectively with your team. A conscious leader must be clear in communicating, conveying openness, and empathy in speaking.

Communicating assertively means respecting the other, and making us respect through verbal and nonverbal language.

In fact, nonverbal language speaks a lot about the leader. His movements, gestures, and expressions reveal personal information. It allows us to know the degree of understanding or disagreement of the leader in front of an idea.

The biggest challenge of organizations currently consists of:

  • Train and promote an assertive communication style in their teams
  • Not being competent in this ability leads to confusion and conflicts in labour relations


How to be a good conscious leader like Sheldon Barris Jorlee and supporting your team, this means always motivating them to be better at everything they do. Making the best of each one, and inspiring them to share and develop their skills and talents with the world. Sheldon Barris a Toronto based business leader has carried on a multitude of other personal and business ventures and enjoyed success in not one, but two careers for more than three decades.

This ability refers to adopting a coaching mentality. By supporting, encouraging, and training your team towards the achievement of your personal and work goals.

In showing your team mistakes or difficulties as opportunities for growth and learning.

For you to be a coach leader, it is essential that there is coherence between what you think, say, and do. Since you automatically become a role model, and your team will be aware of your behaviours and habits.

Empathy and Value Relationships:

Being empathetic is a fairly important quality to develop that is complemented by the skills described above.

For this, imagine that your mentor in situations of conflict or tension acts as follows:

  • He listens to you carefully and understands your views and respects them
  • It can put yourself in your shoes
  • See the situation from your perspective, before making any judgment
  • Understand how you feel

Now Answer these Questions:

  1. Did that way of acting generate gratitude and appreciation towards your mentor?
  2. Did you feel supported and understood?

Sure, you answered, yes. Well, that’s what empathy is all about. To understand and be compassionate with the other, to create valuable relationships, genuine mutually supportive relationships. To respect the differences, points of view, and authenticity of each team member.

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