Top 2019 marketplaces across the Globe

As per the reports, by 2021, around 2.14 billion people will move online to purchase goods and services. They are just a rough idea of the 30% population of the present world. There are specific reasons which made online shopping so popular among the masses like easy and fast shopping; the vast variety of product lists; safe and secure payments; and free delivery.

Whenever we discuss about the online shopping, marketplaces stuck our mind as being an eminent channel to showcase your brand and products. It became so popular that almost 97% of the US population prefers online marketplace shopping. 

But with the immense opportunity comes the competition, thus depending on one particular marketplace isn’t safe. So, the sellers around the globe have already took the initiative of listing the products on enumerable marketplaces. 

Which marketplaces do you prefer to sell?

It is a big task to select suitable marketplaces to sell your products profitably. No need to look anywhere, we have listed out entire marketplaces around the globe, have a look!

  • North America 
  • South America 
  • Europe 
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

To be precise..

North America 

  • Amazon – Around 44% of the USA prefer a direct visit to Amazon before scrolling to Google or the retailer’s website for looking out for the product. And it is counted as the world’s biggest marketplaces for online shopping with 25 categories. 
  • Bonanza – It provides around 20 million items in 25+ categories and the best part is it doesn’t charge anything for listing as well as for monthly storage fees. 
  • Cratejoy – It provides subscription boxes for online sellers. And it came up with the subscriptions for all types of lifestyle, which allows the vendors to select among the customizable subscription boxes.  
  • eBay – It is similar to Amazon and marked its presence globally around 20 countries. And provide services to the consumer to consumer and business to consumer. 

South America

  • Americanas – It is basically a Brazilian marketplace that provides various categories like homeware, fashion, consumer electronics, books, and baby products. 
  • Casas Bahia – It has around 17 million visitors per month as well as renowned marketplaces in Brazil. 
  • Dafiti – It sells almost 100,000 products to nearly 900 brands in Brazil, all alone. It is known for marketing over 125,000 apparel, accessories, and footwear from around 2,000 brands.   


  • Allegro – It has around 16 million users, with 20 million accounts, which marked it as the biggest marketplaces in the UK. And it is a polish online e-commerce platform.  
  • Asos – It has almost 80,000 products on the marketplaces and regarded as the leader in the cosmetics and fashion category. It sells over 850 brands in its e-commerce platforms. 
  • – It is considered to be the prominent marketplaces to look out for the electronics, books, toys, lifestyle, and home & living category in the state of the Netherlands. It has almost 11 million products, which declare it as the biggest marketplaces for the state of Netherland and Belgium.  


  • Bidorbuy – It provides services in more than 30 categories, such as home & living; health & beauty; electronics; and baby products. Apart from this, it is an internet auction site. 
  • Jumia – It is an African-based marketplace that functions in 13 countries all around the globe. It is regarded as the biggest marketplace in Africa, with around 50,000 sellers for more than 6 million products to showcase on their website.  
  • Kilimall – It provides products on huge categories like electronics; clothing; home appliances; baby products, and cosmetics. It also operates in the state of Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya. 


  • Alibaba – It provides 100 million products over 40+ categories like consumer electronics, machinery, and apparel. 
  • AliExpress – It is also a part of Alibaba Group’s retail marketplace and has around 60 million active buyers from around 230+ countries worldwide. 
  • Flipkart – It is considered to be the prominent e-commerce marketplace that crosses 80 million products for 80+ categories and sub-categories.   


  • – It has almost 4 million registered users which are functioning in Australia. It has nearly 7 million products for various categories like fashion, home & kitchen, baby products, and electronics.   
  • Kogan – It has almost 7.3 million visitors with 100,000 products on their website. It provides additional support like marketing support, payment gateways; customer support; and smooth integration with the backend operations. 
  • My Deal- It is a well-known Australian marketplace with 300,000 products like electronics, furniture, baby & kid products, fashion, home & garden, and tools & equipment.  


If you wish to sell your products based on the geography and categories accordingly, then you are free to do so. Choose your choice of marketplaces in which you want to sell your products. 

Today we have an immense opportunity in selling on the marketplaces of your choice, so look out for the chance.

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