Boiler Installation: Frequently Asked Questions

A boiler is one of the important appliances in the home which is heavily used to supply hot water & heat. When you install a combi-boiler in your home, you will get to enjoy booth hot water and heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is a necessity to have a warm environment in your home during the freezing winter. Even heating, as well as free access to hot water, is necessary to make the home comfortable.

There are several questions that people ask about boiler installation when they are making plans to have one. We have therefore compiled the answers to some frequently asked questions about boiler installation. Read through this article to get the best answers to all your questions.

What is the Lifespan of a Boiler?

There is no specific rule to how long a gas boiler is expected to last. The lifespan of a boiler is determined by certain factors such as the brand, model, amount of use, the accuracy of installation, frequency of servicing and many more.

Based on the guidelines by most boilers manufacturers, a gas boiler is expected to last for as long as 15 years (this is just a rough estimate of the lifespan of a typical gas boiler).

We often recommend in most cases that you make plans for a new boiler installation instead of waiting for the existing one to breakdown totally before making a replacement.


You need to make plans ahead for your boiler replacement to identify some important factors such as the efficiency of the new boiler, the energy-saving capacity and your budget. It is also necessary for you to consider your present and future heating needs in order to be able to choose the most appropriate boiler for you. Interestingly, you get to save substantial amounts of money when you invest in modern boiler technology.

It will interest you to know that modern boiler technology has greatly developed over the past few years. You should, therefore, give it a thought to upgrade your old boiler early enough so as to enjoy increased efficiency in the energy-saving boiler technology.

How Do I Know There is Need for Boiler Replacement?

Certain cardinal signs point out the need for a boiler replacement which could be easily identified early enough before the final breakdown of the boiler. A major obvious sign is the frequent breakdown of your boiler, which you constantly get repaired. If you constantly have your boiler repaired, it is advisable to opt for a boiler replacement so as to save you money that could be drained by constant repair.

The need to frequently restart your boiler is a major sign that you need a boiler replacement. Frequent restarting will most definitely cost you a fortune in the long run. You might have to consider replacing your boiler if the old boiler no longer keeps your home or you no longer enjoy hot water like you used to. This points out that your boiler is no longer efficient in its operations and can’t satisfy your needs any longer. If your boiler is also making noise while operating, there is a need for it to be replaced.

Irrespective of the signs you might notice in your current boiler, there is a need for you to consider boiler replacement as soon as possible.

How much does a new boiler cost for installation?

It is not possible to give a fixed price for boiler installation because of the uniqueness of every home and the diversity of their boiler needs. However, two factors need to be considered when trying to determine the boiler installation cost- the actual price of the boiler and the workmanship fee for an experienced engineer to install it.

It is important to know that according to the UK law, all gas boilers are required to be installed in line with the Gas Safe rules & regulations. Hence, you cannot fix it yourself; you need the service of an experienced heating engineer.

Other factors could influence the boiler installation cost, such as whether you want to replace your existing combi-boiler with the same kind in the same location or you want a new boiler in a new location. A different type of boiler from the existing one will affect your new boiler installation cost.

How Long Will It Take To Install a New Boiler?

The factors that influence the boiler installation cost will also determine the duration of boiler installation. However, boiler replacement of the same types and in the same location can be carried out in less than 24 hours due to the existing pipe work.

If there is a need to alter the existing pipe works or the heating system, or there is a need for power flushing, the boiler installation can last up to 72 hours.

Also, if you require the installation of an alternative system (e.g. a heat pump), it might last about 3-5 days due to the additional work that would be done such as drilling.

What Type of Boiler is best for me?

In the United Kingdom, combi-boiler is the most common type of boiler used. The combi-boiler is a single unit boiler that supplies both heat and hot water. Interestingly, it produces hot water on demand; hence, it requires no water storage tanks. The combi-boilers are the most ideal boiler for small & average houses, and they come in gas or electric forms.

For larger households that have many bathrooms with strong showers and quickly-run baths, a system boiler is the most suitable type of boiler as it offers a more balanced heat supply, as well as hot water on multiple demands.

You should also consider some factors such as higher energy efficiency and excellent functionality to determine the most suitable boiler for our heating needs.

Whatever your decision for a boiler might be, you can always contact us for expert boiler installation in London. A trial will convince you.

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