Kasol and Tosh Trek 2019: The ultimate duo in the Himalayas!, , Himachal Pradesh, India

Kasol and Tosh Trek

Kheer Ganga was tranquil and pleasant enjoyment however now I was looking for something all the more vivacious. Subsequent to coming to Barshani, I had alternatives of either heading towards Kasol or to Tosh. Kasol is an adorable enough town to remain at in Parvati (a couple of kms before Manikaran) but on the other hand it’s very touristic (and a Jewish enclave brimming with Israeli youngsters). Incredible nourishment there however (visitor stuff). Tosh is a little town 5 km tough from Barshani. Tosh is without a doubt the last town toward this path associated with street. I picked Tosh and began trekking tough.

Weed Plant

From Barshani, better than average tar street goes tough till Tosh and one can get a private taxi (200 INR) on this course. Then again, one can likewise trek to Tosh from a shorter trail which will take around a short ways from Barshani. Because of this street, Tosh is a favored goal for languid radicals. Dissimilar to Kheer Ganga, Tosh is quite populated and not encompassed by thick knolls. Trekking trail goes through farms and disorderly manor of Marijuana. Convenience and nourishment choices are in surplus in Tosh and are fit as a fiddle than what we find in Kheer Ganga.

Far off perspective on Tosh town

Tosh lies on the incline of a mountain sitting above a waterway and a cascade. Soon after the nearby family units, arrangement of lodgings show up toward the finish of the town. Unmistakable smell of Marijuana is the initial introduction of Tosh. While perusing for a settlement, I went over to couple of flower child chicks and got amped up for my stay in Tosh. Tosh is loaded with spending convenience (300 INR for each night) so discovering one was not tedious.

Sanctuary in Tosh Village

In the wake of hotel, I walked around the thin paths of the town which was so wonderfully synced with two opposite side of human progress. There are a lot of smoke joints, nourishment joints, pizza corner, tea slows down and eateries. You may think that its hard to get commonplace Indian feast yet will get Israeli nourishment wherever in the town. Heading further, I had seen a gathering of radicals playing pink Floyd and smoking joints. It helped me to remember scenes from the film “Bunny Rama, Hare Krishna”. Open show of fondness was additionally at its extraordinary alongside some crushed occupied with Yoga and so on.

Little Dam and Waterfall close to Tosh

Not at all like Kheer Ganga, Tosh was progressively lively and open however you can’t get the genuine taste of Tosh until you are stoned. I talked with numerous voyagers there and every one of them were offering me something very similar… Grass… I understood that there is the wrong spot for a calm in Tosh… Most of them were long haul explorers and were in Tosh for some time… and I accept they will stay there until chapter 11… To break that genuine fiction, I went for a stroll tough towards the water fall. There are two wonderful treks through the timberland to a headland which offer stunning perspective on the cascade and the waterway.

Tosh Village

As it dusked, parties were a lot stronger and overpowering however being Sober was a significant drawback for me. It was artful dance moving, unrecorded music, great nourishment and a ton of weed. In spite of being a quiet observer, I delighted in that night the fullest. Gatherings were long… evenings were longer… however mists all of a sudden grasped the town of Tosh making the truth… somewhat foggy or more than bit… Sadly, we all (counting me) appreciate the cloudy truth of life… . Gathering proceeded and I trust some time or another this gathering will be finished.. Short a while later, I sank into the dim cloudiness of pseudo rest…

Town of Manikaran

Next morning was the same in Tosh with everybody again increase for the new day similarly. To revive from the headache of the previous evening, I decide to stroll till the cascade or to anyplace a long way from that angering schedule. Not long after I looked at… Welcomed everybody… and plunged back to Barshani… . Gotten a transport back to Bhuntar (Via Manikaran, Kasol)… Without any earlier arrangement, I got down at Kasol in the expectation of investing some more energy with an Israeli companion of mine whom I become a close acquaintence with in the transport as it were. Kasol is a wonderful town on the bank of waterway parvati and is commonly the base camp of the considerable number of hipsters. Kasol is the spot from where they lease bicycles, purchase garbage, climbing extras and so forth and so forth. Kasol is honored with better visitor offices with eateries commanded with Israeli nourishment. We both wandered around the Kasol… ate while she was clearing her bills and afterward got the transport to Bhuntar to proceed with our adventures. Our discussion spun around different subjects, for example, life, voyaging, love, connections and hipster culture yet we never presented one another… . Later we boarded transports to our separate goals… Sadly to various headings (Geographically)… however I’ll recall that charming face with blue eyes behind those glasses…

am I stoned … !!!!

Parvati River at Kasol

Places around Tosh/Parvati: Most of the traveler destinations of Parvati valley are very much recorded in the guide connected (Read Kheer Ganga blog). Here goes the attractions those were prescribed to me by local people yet I couldn’t discover them in the guide.

Kugla: It is a one day trek from Tosh and very appropriate for skiing soon after winters. During summers, this high land get favored with rhododendron consequently frequently alluded as Valley of blossom (of Parvati)

Gem Mountain: Recently found mountain close Grahan. Trek begins from Kasol.

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