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5 Reasons to buy from While Online Shopping in Pakistan is a leading online shopping website in Pakistan that was launched. Owned and operated by WBM (Pvt) Ltd that has been well known for it’s Himalayan Pink Salt related products in the USA and Europe. The company has decided to enter in Pakistani market through its online marketplace.

This website offers the company`s over 600 SKU products for online shopping customers in Pakistan. With future plans to allow different brands and individual sellers to sell the products through this online platform. To register as a seller, there must be minimum requirements to fulfill that ensure the only genuine and credible sellers are able to sell the products.

All WBM products are imported from the USA and the same as sold on Amazon. Therefore, they all are high quality that is used by thousands of customers in different countries. Due to such surety, it is possible for the to offer a 100% money-back guarantee on its products.

International Brand

When you buy from, an online shopping store in Pakistan: you can be assured that you buying from a website that is owned by an internationally renowned brand. WBM (Pvt) Ltd with its headquarter in Flemington New Jersey. USA has 3-decade experience in providing customers with the products they need.

While purchasing form them will not make you feel like they are newly entered in the market.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

One of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers is that customers believe. If they buy from online then it will be difficult to return or replace the product in case of any problems. online shopping website in Pakistan wants to address this problem. And believe there should not be any problems in returning and replacing the products for a refund if they are genuine sellers. So in case you have any genuine reasons, there is a fault. you don’t like the product and you believe it is not what you have ordered.

Then it will be easy to get your money back as per your choice. is currently the only online shopping website in Pakistan that offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Easy Payments

Making an online payment for purchases is the biggest issue for most online shopping websites as well as buyers. Most people in Pakistan don’t have a credit card or worry about their payment security while completing their orders. WBM has vast experience catering online shopping customers in the United States and Europe. is one of the online shopping websites in Pakistan that has addressed this issue by offering payments in many different ways. All types of online customers can make a purchase.

Customers can choose Cash on Delivery (COD) that facilitates the product on delivery as well as payment through credit/debit card with an online secure payment gateway. Other than that customers can also pay through Jazz Cash, Easy paisa, etc.

Genuine and High-Quality Products

If you want to make a purchase online then one of the biggest things that make you think twice. Before making the purchase, whether the product you are buying is a genuine quality product or not. It is no secret that many sellers in Pakistan have tried to cheat online consumers by sending them fake and bad quality products. As a result, many customers have become reluctant to order some online. online shopping website in Pakistan has tried to address this issue by making sure that only 100% genuine. And high-quality products are being sold through its platform. So when you are doing shopping online in Pakistan and want to make sure that the product you buy is genuine. And high quality then this website should be your choice.

Short Delivery Times

Although there are many online shopping websites currently working in Pakistan. But almost all take many days to deliver the products to the customers. This even includes leading names like and etc.

It takes almost a week to deliver the product despite initially promising for 3 days. When a customer buys a product, they almost always want to buy the products as soon as possible and expect quick delivery so they can fulfill their needs. has also addressed this issue. They are able to offer short delivery times that range from 1 to 3 days depending on the type of product you order.

So while making a purchase through this online platform one should acknowledge having everything right from the first time. So why not consider ordering your favorite products through, it’s easy, it’s quick and hassle-free.

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