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Samsung soundbar: The TV speakers are void, but not everyone has the space or the budget for an A / V receiver and six or more speakers. A soundbar can be placed under or in front of your TV, and a good bar your socks.

Getting a soundbar for your home theater setup gives you the best of both worlds – you do not have to settle for speakers built into your smart TV – which has always seemed dull – but you can also enjoy audio quality without the cost (or bulk) of traditional speaker setup.

Samsung soundbar: Samsung, the world’s largest TV maker, is renowned for its world-class TVs. Their 4K models set the standards that all other manufacturers seek to beat. However, when it comes to TV sound, like most television manufacturers, Samsung is counting on viewers to provide additional solutions for their favorite shows and movies to sound good.

Fortunately, Samsung also manufactures some of the best sound bars in the industry. Look for those who want to add a little “punch” to their TV, even if this TV is not a Samsung.

Our mission is to provide our readers with the most unbiased and complete product guides on the Internet. This means that we are dedicated to sharing our ideas about the features and models you will need to make an informed purchase decision. Read our article on Samsung soundbars, then, when you’re ready to shop, check out buyers guide and these below two models we recommend.

Samsung HW-MS650 (Best together)

Samsung soundbar: Under the grill are nine speakers with dedicated amplifiers, a subwoofer and a wide range tweeter allowing a constant sound from virtually anywhere. In addition, low level distortion is handled by predicting and canceling the distortion before it occurs. This translates into greater clarity and less auditory masking, which dramatically improves your home theater experience.

In terms of technical details, the HW-MS650 Sound + produces 24-bit / 96kHz HD audio and works with Dolby Digital technology. There is only one optical input, but you can also connect via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth, so the options never fail. If you are concerned about format compatibility, rest assured that it works with WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, ALAC and AIFF formats.

The Samsung OneRemote is included in all products. Used with compatible Samsung TVs, it can control the soundbar directly via the TV interface. One of the most interesting features of this soundbar is the ability to choose between the five sound modes: standard, music, clear voice, sports, and film. If you do not trust your decision-making capabilities, Sound + technology will automatically determine the optimal model for the type of content in question.

If you have a compatible Samsung TV, you can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi. Simply press the source button on the remote control or soundbar until the Bluetooth option appears on your TV. Then the message “BT Coupling” will be displayed. You will then be able to access the speaker menu of your TV and choose “Bluetooth Audio”. From there, select the specific soundbar and log in.

With so many Samsung soundbars on the market, all with subtle features, it can be difficult to claim the best of the best. In our opinion, the panoramic soundbar HW-N650 offers a good balance between price and features. The central feature that makes this soundbar so great is that it offers a panoramic sound (Samsung’s sound beam technology), which means that it triggers the edge speakers through unique openings. This means that the speaker tries to place the sound experience in the same places as the corresponding moments on the screen.

There are eight built-in speakers, with a couple that triggers on the sides to create intentional acoustic vibrations. The complete system operates with a power of about 360W, which makes it really powerful. It only covers frequencies from 42Hz to 20kHz, but the included wireless subwoofer will cover other frequencies for you.

There is a dedicated game mode optimized to enhance the soundtracks of your favorite console experience, and Bluetooth connectivity to even mute and stream music directly from your phone. Plus, this is one of the Samsung soundbars with 4K transmission, so you can use it with your high-end video setup. This is not the chicest offer from Samsung, but it’s definitely our choice for the complete user

Samsung HW-N450

The HW-N450 has some important improvements to other models that might interest you, depending on your priorities in a soundbar. The power is 320W, with four speakers and their own dedicated amps, plus a basic frequency spectrum of 42Hz to 20kHz, and with the wireless subwoofer included, coverage is minimized. In fact, with this device, Samsung has integrated its Bass Reflex, which gives a good body to the 6.5-inch driver of the device.

Like the 360 ​​unit, you’ll get Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from your smartphone, as well as Sound Expansion virtual surround sound technology. What you get is that you will not get on cheaper models, it’s more I / O capabilities. There are the required audio and optical inputs, as well as HDMI 1.4 inputs and outputs. for solid video transmission (although without 4K capabilities), and even USB playback. This added feature makes it a more powerful and versatile unit to include in your configuration.

The HW-N450 offers many entry options at this price. You will find analog inputs 3.5 mm, optical Toslink, USB 1.0 and HDMI 1.4 on the back. There is no RCA or digital coaxial input, which is not unusual for soundbars in this price range.

According to a spec sheet that Samsung sent me, the HW-N450 supports a wide range of audio formats, including lossless files AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG and FLAC. Surprisingly, even though it supports Apple’s AAC codec, the HW-N450 does not support the ALAC, Apple’s lossless codec that is a competitor of FLAC. Typically, if a company supports FLAC decoding, it also almost always supports ALAC.

You can connect any digital audio player or smart device in your phonebook to the HW-N450 via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection of the soundbar supports SBC, but none of the CD-quality codecs such as aptX.

It goes without saying that I paired the HW-N450 with my iPhone 7 without any problem. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity or multi-room streaming option, which is to be expected at this price.

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