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How & Where IoT puts Impact on Mobile App Development in 2020

Mobile apps make it easy for you to access anything under the sky be it shopping, renting a car, booking an appointment, and so on.

In order to succeed in this cut-edge technological era, every business needs to have its own mobile app for easier access to users. Using a mobile app is much more efficient compared to using a web portal.

For example, if you want to make a purchase over online e-commerce sites like Flipkart or Amazon, you would rather use an app than its web portal.


It seems easier that way. Isn’t it?

Now with the rise of mobile app users, the internet of things or IoT has started evolving at sky-rocketing speed.

mobile application development

Impact of IoT has been prominent in mobile app development in India and will be more prominent in coming times.

IoT is a technology where physical devices are connected through the internet. It uses machine-to-machine communication.

The devices enabled with IoT receives and sends data acquired from surrounding environments through sensors or communication hardware.

For example, if you’ve IoT enabled smart home, you can do every usual stuff from switching off the lights to closing the windows with a smartphone in your hand even when you’re away. Or, if you’re a smart TV at your home you can easily operate it through an IoT enabled app.

Because the sensor in your device and the IoT enabled device makes you track everything happening in the device through the mobile apps.

Since, IoT Impacton the lives of the people by making it easier, the popularity has been impeccable.

By the end of 2025, 75 billion IoT devices will be used by consumers worldwide.

With the rise of IoT technology, there will be some major changes in the making of mobile apps.

Overlooking these changes may leave you out of the competitive market.

Let’s have a look at the changes in IoT Mobile App Development.                             

Changes Towards the Approach in Making an App

Earlier developers only focused on making a user-friendly mobile app.

Future Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development includes the changes in the approach of making any mobile app.

But, to stand out incoming eras now the focus should be more on developing an IoT friendly app.

Presently IoT Mobile App Developmentprocess includes making an app which should be well adapted while connecting it with any other devices.

In the coming time without considering the impact of IoT in your mobile app development process, it won’t be effective anymore.

Changes in The Specialization of Developers

With the integration of IoT technology, developers need to work on their specialization.

Since its unique technology developers need in-depth knowledge before making the IoT enabled the app. So, it brings new challenges for the developer with the requirement of constantly updating themselves.

Changes in Developing the Security Features of Mobile Apps

Since IoT enabled devices sends and receives data, they’re highly susceptible to leakages of data.

Hence it will Impact on Mobile app developmentprocess.

Any leakage of sensitive information can be misused by cyber criminals. So, without thinking of a solution to develop a high-end security featured app, it won’t be successful in the long run.

Changes in The Productivity Level of The Apps

The purpose of IoT technology is to make lives easier for human being.

The mobile apps with integration of IoT automate the process and make things easy.

This will undoubtedly increase the efficiency. For example, Uber has used this technology to reach their success. By the IoT enabled efficient app, people can book the nearest cab from their location. This feature helped to boost their brand.

Changes in The Mobile App Market Competition

Since the technology is new, people refrain from taking this into consideration.

So, there are less competition for IoT enabled app.

Considering Future Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development, integrating this technology into your app becomes significant to stand out in competitive market.


The whole world has now become mobile-fanatic. There will be no turning back from this.

Rather there will be increase in the number of people using smartphones.

Presently with 5.11 billion people using the smartphone all over the world, the IoT has gained significant popularity in the present app market.

This will simultaneously impact on Mobile app development.

Therefore, without taking this technology into consideration for developing an app will cost you later on.

Every business owner should consider making this IoT enabled apps to cut through the noises in upcoming days.

IoT Impact the development process by creating a huge mobile network and a rise in demand for this application.

Using these IoT enabled devices people can live comfortable lives with fewer physical strains.

As every business focus on making their customers satisfied by making their lives easier, this IoT technology offers a great benefit for them. Already developers have started applying this technology for mobile app development in India.

In the coming time, there will be a huge rise in IoT enabled app usage. So, if you’ve not taken this into consideration, it’s time to think again.

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