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Thai massage in Vilnius

Since its ancient origins in the far east, massages have been looked as a natural and effective tool for relaxation, restoration of wellness and general good health. 

Countries like Thailand developed very strong traditions in the art of the massage as performing them became common in most households in the country.

Nowadays, this type of therapy is continued in other countries and cities as well. Massage experts from Thailand offer you the best Thai massage in Vilnius that will relieve your body and soul from all stress and tension!

Traditional Thai Massage done by experts from the country

As usual per Thai massage traditions, the procedure is performed by stretching and putting acupressure on certain parts of the human body. 

These points affected are vital in their importance and thus we feel more calmness, flexibility, and energeticness after the massage is performed.

For maximum effectiveness, the client must wear clothing that is loose and not too restricting as smooth body movement will be necessary as the procedure is performed. Other than that all you need to do is relax and enjoy!

Notable Health benefits of Thai massage

While Thai massage has many benefits for our health, most common ones revolve around our muscles and reducing levels of stress.

The major ones are listed below:

Lower levels of stress

Since this style of massage involves active body manipulation and movement, the procedure helps to relieve emotional and physical tensions in the body.

While we all know that small amounts of stress are not necessarily bad and can help us get more motivated to do something, excessive tension, on the other hand, can seriously damage our physical and mental health. 

This massage style specializes in regenerating the body and helping it completely rest.

Stimulates blood circulation

Gentle body stretches (which are very similar to the ones found in yoga) can help stimulate lymph and blood flow throughout the body. As a result, our tissues receive more oxygen which promotes better heart health and cell growth.

Some research even suggests that Thai massages help those who have neuropathy (a common complication of diabetes) and can help those people improve their balance.

Physical energy boosts

Additionally, research has shown that this type of procedure can boost physical energy levels. 

Since the massage is based on the manipulation of “Sen” (energy lines found throughout the body), relieving their blockage and allowing energy to flow through the body can not only relieve people of any stiffness or pain but improve muscle, bone and nerve strength.

Ever feel tired even though you haven’t been moving at all, all day? Being too passive can block the energy flow as well.

All in all,

A Thai massage procedure is a wonderful way to relax and “recharge your batteries” if needed. 

After all, our daily routines are usually filled with stresses, tensions that can eventually lead to serious health issues. By allowing ourselves to relax in the hands of health experts we will feel much better in no time.

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