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Traditional Ways to Celebrate New Year around the world

Are you planning to move out or stay in your country to celebrate the New Year? If yes, then it will be great for you to know that every country that you will visit follows some of the other traditions that they have been following very strictly. The very common tradition in India to celebrate New Year is to party, play games, enjoy with our families and friends. However, people around the world celebrate it in different ways as per their traditions. Hence, here is a guide on how New Year is celebrated around the world in different ways.

New Year Gifts
New Year Gifts

United States of America

For people of the USA, New Year is all about parades, football games, and singing “Auld Lang Syne’ in a group to welcome the new year ahead. If any, the baby is born on the first day of the year, then the baby’s birth is celebrated with loads of New Year gifts. It is necessary to welcome the child by gifting his/her parents. 


It is a custom in Spain to eat 12 grapes at once and that too at midnight on New Year. They believe that each grape represents good luck for the twelve months in the coming year. In cities like Barcelona and Madrid, people gather around the main square for completing the ceremony and then drink cava from a single bottle.


People in Denmark welcome New Year with a few strange traditions. They throw the old plates and glasses against the doors of their friends and neighbors. This is done to remove the evil power from the house. Then, at midnight of the New Year, all the people stand on chairs and jump off it together, which resembles that they are moving into the new year with loads of luck and love.


In Finland, people can predict the upcoming year with the help of a molten tin cast into a container of water. Then, they wait for the tin to get hardened and see its shape. If it becomes a ship, then it predicts that you are a traveler, while a heart or ring says a wedding, and a pig depicts that there will be plenty of food in your life for the coming year. 


The New Year is celebrated in Switzerland with fireworks, drinks, live music, etc. It is celebrated at the banks of the River Limmat and Lake Zurich, where every year, around 150,000 people visit.


The residents of the Philippines always send New Year Flowers that are round in shape. They also get plates, bowls, and round fruits for themselves on the occasion of New Year. The reason behind gifting round things is that they are in the shape of a coin. It symbolizes prosperity and wealth for them in the coming year. 


Brazil’s New Year is celebrated by the beachside, below the blue skies, as the summer temperature is at the peak. They sing the summer samba songs, which will put this country in the party mode. 


People in Scotland, practice ‘first-footing’ on New Year’s Eve. It means that the first person who crosses the doorstep of a house should always carry a New Year gift for good luck. The Scottish people also hold bonfire ceremonies, and people parade around it, praying for the coming year.


One of the most awaited festivals in Greece is New Year or ‘Protohronia’ as they celebrate it with great joy. There are many customs of the New Year cake in Greece, and they are all very fascinating in their way. In different cities of Greece, beautiful firework displays and live music concerts are organized. January 1 in Greece is not just New Year’s Day, but it is also St. Basil’s Day for them.    

United Kingdom

The New Year celebration begins the day before, which is on December 31. All the people in the UK host parties and invite their close ones to celebrate with them at their home on the eve of New Year. They all wish each other ‘Happy New Year’ with a glass of champagne at midnight. 

This is how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in other countries. So, next time, when you visit any of the above countries to celebrate the New Year, you can inevitably accompany the natives of that place at the celebrations.

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