Another Black Friday Catch the Best Deals

This North American tradition, which is already fully consolidated in our country, allows us to make purchases with very low prices and find numerous bargains

Black Friday has already been added to the list. After years of marketing and campaigns, it has become one of the many traditions that come from the United States and have already been installed in our country. And, apparently, to stay. There are many causes for this success, although one of the main ones is found in the regulatory changes that occurred in 2012.

The Trade Ordination Act of 1996 specified the conditions that should govern the rebates, but everything changed with the approval by Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of July 13, on measures to guarantee budgetary stability and the promotion of competitiveness, which modified the provisions relating to rebates, from a liberalizing perspective. This legal situation is the one that opened the door to the landing in Spain of Black Friday, which was nothing more than new rebates outside the periods in which they were made until that time. In the meantime, Australian Biggest e-commerce store called announce the biggest sales deals on Black Friday.

The premier liberalization of the Sales in Spain gave businesses the possibility of establishing discount periods beyond the winter and summer campaigns, and then the already famous ‘Black Friday’ appeared. Coming from the US, it opened the door to large and small businesses and, in addition, as its celebration takes place shortly before Christmas, it is used to make the typical purchases at a lower price.

Traditionally Black Friday offers are framed within 24 hours of the last Friday of November. However, like all traditions, even the most recent, it has been adapted. Many businesses extend discounts to the days before or after. Thus, more and more companies are starting to offer their reduced prices before, this year they are sure to advance at 00.00 on November 29.

Others, however, will choose to extend the campaign throughout the weekend. In addition, the Monday after Black Friday, that is, on December 2, Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated, a day of discounts especially relevant in technology and that must also be taken into account.

What can you find?

On the days when Black Friday is underway, consumers can find a wide variety of discounts on a wide range of products. In particular, the world of electronics and technology is one of the great protagonists. Therefore, it is a good time to look for bargains in telephony, computer or multimedia products. And for this, you can choose both specialized establishments such as Media Market and other general consumption. Obviously, you can also opt for large online platforms, such as Mydeal, Amazon or AliExpress. And here we help you to keep in mind the best places to take great closer.

Tips prior to Black Friday, how much can we save on discounts?

The Black Friday is 10 days to arrive, and although it seems that there is still much, the truth is that is not so much actually, because some sites are already the pre-Black Friday underway. And the same thing always happens to us, we don’t realize it, but then we think “I could buy several Christmas presents and I get cheaper,” and everything is a mare magnum of offers and banners with the ‘%’ in red.

In fact, according to a study, during Black Friday 2018 the demand increased by 85% compared to the same period of the previous year, thus becoming one of the favorite dates of the buyers to make their purchases online. Therefore, it is best to take a little while now and ‘do your homework’ if you are really going to buy something during the black Friday of November 29.

How much will we save on discounts on Black Friday?

But the doubt is always the same: are there really massive discounts, or is it a commercial trick? According to data from the price comparator, the biggest discounts on electronics and technological articles on average will be the following:

Tips to save money on Black Friday

Make a list before Black Friday

In order not to buy impulsively, it is important to have clear which products are really necessary. Learn to differentiate needs from desires, a sporadic whim is fine as long as it is done with knowledge.

Set a budget

Be clear how much you are willing to spend on this date. To obtain the greatest possible savings, ideal allows to include the products in the Favorites list, both from the app and from the computer and easily observe the evolution of its price thanks to a color code that marks in green those products that have been discounted.

Analyze the establishment

Make sure the store is reliable, check the comments and reviews of previous users. It is also important to check the item return policy. Although many stores offer this option for free, some may charge for the reshipment of the product that we finally do not want.

Search and compare

It is the best way to ensure the purchase at the best price. Use a price comparator to find information and compare different establishments before making your purchase. The ideal app, for example, has a barcode scanning function of the desired product to see the price in different online stores in Australia and in many countries in Europe.

Discounts in other countries

Black Friday is celebrated internationally, so it is not uncommon to find offers of certain products in other countries. Another possibility to save more is to buy the prices of the items we are looking for in other countries. However, before placing the order it is important to check that the chosen store. The shipping costs, check if there are other additional customs or similar expenses and be clear about the return conditions.

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