Tips to choose which house to buy without making mistakes

Minding your perfect home can become a very complicated task, especially considering the great offer that currently exists. That is why we are going to explain some concepts that you must take into account to find your perfect home.


The first step you should take before looking for a home is to make an analysis of whether you can really buy it. Keep in mind that currently banks usually give a maximum of 80% of the sale or appraisal value so you have to have saved 20% of the sale price or provide other guarantees as guarantors. In addition, the cost of buying a second-hand home is usually around 10% of the sale price, a figure that increases up to 15% in the case of new construction. A money that you will have to have saved. Did you know SPEEDHOME is the world best property platform which can make your dream comes true.

Another concept that you should keep in mind is the level and stability of your monthly income since the bank will not allow the mortgage fee to exceed 35% of that figure.

Once you have done this analysis, it is time to draw conclusions. It may be time to buy your house or you have to wait a few months to reach the level of savings needed.

If you need advice the best thing you can do is go to your bank to inform you about how much money you can lend at most since if you need to ask for a mortgage this will be the maximum price you can pay for the home you are going to buy.


After analyzing your financial situation, it is time to think about the house that suits your interests. It is true that we all want an excellent apartment at a low price … but these types of exceptional occasions are no longer usually given. That is why it is better that you consider what basic characteristics the house you want to buy needs so that everything that exceeds them and is in your budget is an extra value.

You must think of some elements such as how many bedrooms you need, if you prefer something in good condition or to reform and leave to your liking, the square meters if you want it to have some service such as garage, storage room, terrace …

In addition to the elements of the house, it is important that you think about the area in which you would like that house to be. To do this you must take into account elements such as distance to your family’s home, your children’s school or work. It is also convenient that you look at the services that are near that area and the connections with the rest of the city.


Although it may seem an obvious question, the answer is not so much. It is true that the best starting point is the different real estate portals that exist on the internet … but it is not the only place where you should look.

One of the best places to look is in a real estate agency. Keep in mind that real bargains don’t even get published on the internet. Long-term real estate like we have a large database of customers and when a good opportunity appears on the market, the first thing we do is go to these customers and they are the ones who buy it. If you want to be one of those clients, you can tell us what you are looking for so that we will notify you as soon as it leaves.

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