The best shooting, shooting and weapon games for Android devices

The Best Shooting, Shooting and Weapon Games for Android Devices

We don’t really find something that is better than the launch of a free Android game. Especially, when it comes to a shooting game that targets Android devices. In these cases, we are ready to download it and then play it. But what are the best ggkids games we can play on our Android phone? Fortunately, there are a lot of fantastic first-person shooter games for Android, so here we are going to mention the best ones. This type of game includes all the actions that a real player needs. Whether they are third-person shooters, first-person shooters or any of its variants, tons of shots, explosions and a lot of action await you in general.

Weapon games for Android

We must not forget that this was always one of the most complicated categories to adapt to mobile devices, because shooting games depend extremely on precision, something that manufacturers have been working on year after year to offer the best experience on their touch screens.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a science fiction FPS game and the continuation of Dead Effect, which was one of the first shooting games for mobile devices that offered acceptable graphic quality back then.

In this second version, the developer BadFly Interactive offers us high-quality graphics, thousands of weapons to save and use later with a large number of zombie opponents we have to fight with.

The story of Dead Effect 2 follows the steps of the first version. It all starts in the ESS Meridian spacecraft once Dr. Wagner, who was an enemy in the first version, died. Here you will have to face the soldiers who arrive on the ship to battle you.

The development of the game is very similar to that of the original version. Using the default settings, the movements are controlled by a virtual joystick located on the left side of the screen, while sliding your finger on the touch screen you can control the lens and the view, without forgetting that you also have two virtual buttons to make turns of 90 degrees instantly.

In this shooter, players have explosives, refills, iron sights, ample weapons options, and slow-motion mode available for use using the virtual buttons on the right side of the screen.

Controls can also be customized from the main menu options, while icons can be relocated individually as each player prefers. Contrary to what happened in the first version, where the player can shoot automatically at the moment when his reticle is perched on his opponent.

It also includes support for players who have an Nvidia Shield digital media player.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the most popular first-person shooter games today. In this game, we can find a good quality graphic level, online multiplayer mode, thousands of weapons to use and skins (skins) to customize the weapons that we are collecting along the way. The control options are the usual ones found in an FPS game for Android with a 3D multiplayer mode of this type.

Of course, we will have to overcome a learning curve that is normal in every shooter game that is played on touch screen devices. Despite this, you will be able to perform correctly in a short time, since the mechanism is very similar to Counter-Strike. The developer Critical Force continues to actively work on this project, why upgrades and updates are released regularly.

The player who manages to eliminate the entire opposing side wins the game, whether it is played on the side of the Counter-Terrorists or if it is played on the side of the Terrorists, placing bombs.

The game has a performance similar to Counter-Strike, where we must choose whether we want to be part of the police side or the side dedicated to terrorism. If you fight terrorism, you will have to save captured hostages, while if you are a terrorist, you will have to place and detonate bombs in specific places.

Deer Hunter Classic

This is a good time for you to return to the wild through a first-person hunting simulator that includes spectacular graphics and that you can download to play on any device with the Android system.

In this shooting game that gives us a great immersive experience, you must embark on a journey to the Central African savanna loaded with heroism and emotion in order to hunt down every strange animal that crosses your path.

During the game you will be able to join different hunting clubs with your friends to participate in various challenges in global cooperative mode, from which you will have to organize as a team to get the best results hunting animals, thus overcoming all the challenges that arise to reach success.

In case you don’t have team spirit and leave your friends during the challenges, it will be half complicated for your team to succeed.

Another highlight is all the scenarios that can be seen during the game, which the player can enjoy, exploring many exotic scenarios and obtaining a very lively and real feeling. In these scenarios, you can find more than 100 different species.

Being continuously exposed to different animals, you will have to have your eyes wide open so as not to be attacked by cheetahs, bears or wolves, who will not forgive your life if you neglect for a moment.

Gunstar Heroes Classic

Gunstar Heroes Classic is a mobile shooter-type game that was first released for SEGA Genesis in 1993 and later reached the Mega Drive console. Thanks to the collection of classic games that were grouped under the name Sega Forever, the game’s developer, the Treasure studio, brings us this free Android game.

In this game, we can find many things from the original game, although with some improvements in terms of colorful graphics and touch controls for mobile devices.

It is an arcade-style shooting game but specially adapted for Android, in which we will have to try to prevent a totalitarian empire from dominating the world, for which you can use various weapons: remote control missiles, flamethrowers, and lasers.

For this adventure proposed by Sega, we will incarnate two brothers named Gunstar who will have the hard mission of defeating Dr. Brown. Before starting the game, you will have the option to choose the type of shot you want to use, whether you can shoot continuously while walking, or stop walking while we are shooting.

The game also includes a local multiplayer mode for playing with friends and multiplatform. It includes ads but can be avoided by making an in-game purchase.


Fortnite is a shooting game that saw the light in 2017 and was launched by the developer Epic Games, which continuously offers different updates that include new game modes, although all are related to the central and mechanical points of the game.

Fortnite Battle Royale: This is a free mode, in which there is a great confrontation between a maximum of 100 players in the middle of an island where spaces are becoming increasingly reduced due to a strong storm. To survive, we will have to have the courage to be protagonists in several combats, while we are collecting resources, weapons and we are building defenses to be protected.

Fortnite: Save the World: It is a cooperative mode in which up to a maximum of 4 players can participate and where the objective is to mix in tough fights against enemies similar to zombies. For this, we can make use of various objects and fortifications, which will have to be built by the players if they wish to stay alive in the game.

Creative Mode: in this mode, players can create their own islands as they wish. To make constructions easier for players, this mode includes prefabricated structures on the island. Regardless of whether the Battle Pass is available, all players can access this mode for free. Fortnite has a section called The Block in which it exhibits the best creations of the players and that can be appreciated by any player.

Into the Dead 2

It was December 2012 and the New Zealand studio PikPok was launching its game that had to fight against zombies and was aimed at mobile devices. As expected, he had great success among the public. We refer to Into The Dead, which at that time had been developed for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

Such was the approval he had among the players, which reached more than 50 million downloads only on Google Play, an achievement that few games reached. After this success, several years passed until a new installment of this shooting game became necessary. This is how the PikPok developer studio brought us Into The Dead 2, which, like its previous version, can also be found on Google Play.

In Into The Dead 2 we must play the role of a truck driver, who must leave his truck on the side of the road to continue moving on foot, and whose goal is to find his wife and daughter, maintaining communication with them through of a radio The game includes 7 chapters and 60 stages with different challenges that you will have to overcome.

As for the weapons you have available to liquidate the zombies, it must be said that you can choose between several and they can be improved as the different challenges are overcome. When you start the game, you choose two weapons and then you have to get ammunition.

From the moment you are out of your truck, you will have to shoot at every zombie that approaches you as you go. Something to keep in mind is that these zombies can be anywhere, and they can even be hidden and appear suddenly, so you will have to have good reflexes.

Hitman: Sniper

This shooting game developed by Square Enix puts us under the character of Agent 47, who will have the task of completing new missions being an implacable stealthy killer in Montenegro, with the only element that better knows how to master: his sniper rifle.

Equipped with sound resources and high-quality graphics, Hitman Sniper is entrusted with the objective of being able to impose himself on the more than 150 missions offered by the game, in which different objectives must be achieved to obtain the highest possible score. According to the progress we are making in the game, it will be possible to unlock new weapons.

The study that developed this game had the great success of wanting to transfer all the action of Agent 47 to mobile devices, in which the player must test all his gamer skills to be respected as a fearsome murderer who is willing to.

Although it is a game that was launched a few years ago, it is updated regularly and gets different improvements, especially in the graphics, which is why it is worth continuing to play it and overcoming missions.

Many claims that Hitman Sniper is the best first-person shooter that can be downloaded from Google Play. After putting yourself in the shoes of a hitman to shoot people from a hill, you will know that it is the very right statement.

As you move forward, you can accumulate items and money that you can later exchange for weapons and various improvements. There is no doubt that Hitman Sniper has a very successful atmosphere. And although it may end up being a bit dense after playing it for several hours weekly, it is still a special shooting game and it does not abound when it comes to notdoppler games for smartphones and tablets.

Shadowgun legends

Madfinger Games is a game development studio that launched, among other successes, Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled, games for mobile devices that had great reception among the public gamer. But in addition, another of the featured games is Shadowgun Legends, a shooter game that can be installed on Android devices.

Shadowgun Legends is an amazing first-person shooter with futuristic ambiance that offers the player a few game modes, such as the cooperative multiplayer mode and the local campaign mode.

Although it is undeniable that the multiplayer mode of this shooting game is one of its most powerful features, the developer learned in this game to give a more centralized value to the campaign mode.

In Shadowgun Legends, the entire world is being ruthlessly attacked by alien invaders who will have no qualms about eliminating humanity. The only viable option that humanity has is to resurface under the protection of the Shadowguns, mythological fighters of great courage.

When you start the game, you fulfill the role of a young Shadowgun soldier with an unlimited capacity to twist the fate of the war posed by the aliens. Faced with this bellicose scenario, you will have to intervene to show these invaders who rule in this part of the galaxy.

The high-quality graphics in Shadowgun Legends make mobile devices deliver a unique quality, especially in smartphones and tablets of better specifications, with effects very similar to those seen in a game console.

If you choose the multiplayer mode to play, you can participate in competitive, cooperative or player-to-player games. However, campaign mode is also important, where you will have to rescue humanity from the alien offensive through its more than 200 available missions.

The central purpose of Shadowgun Legends is oriented towards the player becoming a legend thanks to his ability to fight while benefiting from the game’s reward system. The fighter who achieves maximum fame in each game will be honored with a sculpture of his that will be located in the Social Center.

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