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Tips to Find the Ideal Gowns as Per Your Skin Tone

Prom dresses are something that adorns color in a unique way. The youthful colors and elegant dress designs are what you need. The real problem lies in choosing the best one. Here is how you can do it without spending much time.

Expert Guide to Choose Prom Gowns

  • Skin tone

Your skin tone will determine the color palette of your dress. The word in the market to describe your skin tone is dark, medium, light, and ivory. In fact, you will also have to consider the undertone of your skin. It is the hue that characterizes your skin color. In simple words, people might have a similar skin tone but the undertones might vary. Find out your undertone so that you can get the most suitable color palette. Cool undertones are red, pink and bluish. Warm undertones are golden, peachy, and yellow. Neutral undertones are a blend of cool and warm colors.

  • Your iris color

Your eye color will also determine the right gown colors for the occasion. If you have uncommon iris hues such as green, blue or gray tones, go for the cool undertones. go for warm undertones if you have hazel, brown or amber eyes.

  • Jewelry section

The experts suggest that cooler undertones should go for silver jewelry. On the other hand, golden jewelry pairs well with warmer undertones.

  • As per skin tone

If you have dark skin, you need to choose lighter or bright colors. For instance, choosing pastel colored prom gowns will be ideal. Go for emerald green or turquoise. These unique hues will make you look distinct and different from the crowd. Do not go for black or deep color tones. It will bring down the aura of your dark tone skin.

If you have a lighter skin tone, you can also try pastel gowns for your prom but in lighter shades. For instance, heather gray, periwinkle, baby pink, pastel blue or mint green will be the best choices that will complement your skin tone.

Medium colored skin, on the other hand, finds it hard to match well with such colors. In this aspect, you can choose metallic or earthy hues such as forest green, brown, mustard yellow or gold. You will also look extremely beautiful in cranberry red gowns.

What if you are totally lost?

The ideal way to find out the best color for your prom gown is to get back to the basics. Go to your wardrobe and find out which colors suit you the most. Remember the compliments your friends gave when you wore a particular dress or jacket. Just choose the color and experiment.

You can also go to a retail shop to add more colors to your consideration. Remember to take your best friend as you will need another person’s view to discover the ideal colors to adore.

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