6 Vital Factors That Affects The Cost Of The Facelift Procedure

The clinically advanced procedure of Facelift is essentially used to diminish the signs of aging such as wrinkles and uplift the overall appearance of the jaw and face. The continuous exposure to pollution, stress, time takes a serious toll on our face.

However, with the procedure, one can revive their face and make it look young and appealing. The process of facelift (Lifting du visag) involves tightening and lifting of the underlying face muscles so that the results are contoured face structure and appearance.

Being a progressive and promising procedure, the cost of going through this process is on the expensive side. Typically, Rhytidectomy (Facelift surgery) can cost you around $6000 excluding the other involved essentials.

But the cost of a facelift surgery can significantly vary depending on certain factors. Let us have a look at them in the enumeration below –

1.Type of Facelift procedure

One of the essential factor that influences the cost of the procedure is the kind of facelift process that one goes through. Now depending on the severity of aging and targeted facelift area, the cost of this advanced method goes higher or lower.

If an individual goes for a full facelift surgery then it will of course be on the expensive side of the procedure. However, a mini facelift process will be less in expenditure whereas, a mid facelift procedure would be also less in cost than the full facelift surgery. Since both the procedures take less time and lesser incisions.

2.Technique involved

Another crucial element that influences the cost of this surgery is the type of technique you would opt for accomplishing the facelift procedure. The traditional procedure will involve the same amount.

However, if you would want to take an advanced technique such as endoscopic facelift then the cost will significantly hike up. The intricacies involved in such advanced technique is the reason why it falls in the expensive category.

3.Type of anesthesia used

Now using anesthesia on candidates for the Rhytidectomy procedure is an important part of the surgery. But the usage of different kinds of anesthesia can change the price range of this procedure.

A candidate can go for local anesthesia that would cost him or her less. However, if someone opts for a full sedation then the price of the surgery would be higher. Also, the price of the process can vary depending on distinct anesthesiologists.

4.Add-on treatments

Certain candidates go for the facelift surgery along with other add-on treatment in order to achieve comprehensive outcomes. This will of course alter the cost of the original facelift treatment.

With add-on features involved the cost of the procedure will cost you higher. Plus, these added costs will not show on the initial estimation of the procedure.


The procedure of the Facelift also alters depending on the location where the treatment is taking place. If the treatment clinic is located in vast metropolitan locale then the price of the surgery will significantly boost up.

Whereas, the facelift treatment involves less price when the clinic is situated in a non-commercial region.

6.Surgeon’s reputation and skill

Lastly, getting this treatment done from a well-reputed surgeon will cost you more. Since the surgeon has not gained that reputation without doing nothing. Advanced and accurate skill is what you will get out of reputable surgeon.

Thus, they will charge you more for their advanced skill and training. However, it is absolutely necessary go for a reputed surgeon than cheap priced insignificant clinic.

These are the vital elements that alters the cost of a Facelift (Lifting du visage) procedure. Considering all these factors before going for the procedure will help be prepared efficiently.

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