Chartered accountant for artists

Artists, both novices and experienced ones, need an accountant. Those who tread the stage where singers, musicians or others must be accompanied for the management of their finances. An accounting firm is ideal for this type of situation.

The role of this kind of accountant

An accountant in Saint-Gilles for an artist obviously deals with the finances of his client. But besides the classic standards of accounting management, we must add some specificities to this kind of service. We are talking about the hidden ones that are not fixed and the income that can sometimes be missing. In addition, the accountant must juggle copyrights and entertainment expenses.

Most of an artist’s wages come from product placements. Some major brands are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of euros to use the image of some stars. If the negotiation of the hidden is the prerogative of the agents, the management of the finances is that of the accountants.

The accountant deals with all the expenses and expenses of his client. The payment of rent, social security contributions, bank monthly payments and many others are his responsibility. He must respect the dates and the conditions for the payment of all the expenses at the risk of jeopardizing the image of his client.

And of course, all the financial and administrative procedures and the administration of the various investments are part of its services. In a nutshell, the artist accountant aims to make life easier for his clients.

A high-end service for exceptional customers

The service must be high-end for this kind of clientele. He does not forgive the slightest mistake. An accountant for an artist must for example be easily reachable and available on a wide range of hours. It adapts to the rhythm of life of its customers.

The accountant must be well advised in the management of assets and the choice of investments to make. Most of the time, he deals with individuals who do not know much about finances.
He must of course respect the Belgian regulations for the administration of his client’s financial assets. We are not talking here about accounting book management and audit preparation. Nevertheless, a maximum of meticulousness in the follow-up of the invoices is put in order to avoid to the customers some deprived.

Discreet, professional, sociable and open, the accountant Saint-Gilles will be able to assure you an optimal quality of service and a certain ease in the management of your financial assets. They adapt in particular to your needs and your requirements, thus ensuring a customized service.

The Belgian accountant will propose a quote tailored to the importance of the tasks to be done. The firm is subject to a performance obligation. Its commission is fixed according to the capital of the client artist. It will be a service contract that will be spread over time.

A building in the assets of a company, accounting rules

Depending on the type of business you hold, your assets may be in kind or cash. If conventional capital management has no secrets for any entrepreneur, no matter how small his business, how to do with real estate? There is the question. Point.

What real estate in your company assets ?

In the assets of your business, you can count on bare ground. It can be ideal for building or simply for optimizing operation. In Belgium, more and more companies also have apartments or new or old buildings in their assets. The goal is to minimize long-term charges by avoiding paying a long-term rent and being subjected to a complicated lease.

In any case, like any capital, the ownership of an immovable must be declared to the authorities. It can be not only the tax department, but also during your application for registration at the RCS. The assets of your business should be noted in your status, just like the name of the manager.

The reason is simple. Real estate is subject to taxes. It may be not only taxes on income, but also real estate taxes of all kinds. In addition, some buildings or goods can be amortized over the years. A detail that must be noted in the company’s general chart of accounts or the PCG.

A professional accountant to help you

The declaration and management of real estate in the assets of a corporation is complicated. There are specificities that you must identify. In particular, you must dissociate the value of the naked good and the construction that is on the ground. In addition, it will assess your property by experts to know the real value and simplify its registration in the account books. There are specific accounts to enter this kind of value in your accounting. This evaluation is within the reach of an accounting expert. It will be necessary to propose an estimate of 10 to 20% of its real value.

To avoid any disappointment in the financial management of your company, call an accountant in Ixelles. The accounting firm is an expert subcontractor who will take care of all the financial aspects of your company. Familiarize yourself with the Belgian account books, it will guarantee the success of your audits, but also a good accounting administration of the company. It is one of the bases to ensure its durability and success.

Not only does the accountant take into account the declaration of your real estate, but also the complete management of your finances. He can even take care of your bank accounts, all your expenses and your money. Subcontracting makes it possible to delegate the whole financial aspect of the company to professionals, and this, by minimizing the cost of the service.

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