Top 4 Tools to Include In Your Kit for Mobile Repair Projects

Whether you are planning to run a mobile repair business or just trying to learn some basic mobile repair projects, you would require certain tools to work with.

Apart from getting your hands on spare cell phone repair parts you need the tools as well.So we suggest you to maintain a tool kit where you can store all your mobile repairing tools.

You cannot accomplish the task of mobile repair with your bare hands or simple screwdriver. You need much more significant tools to achieve the mobile repair projects successfully.

However, if you must choose then here we are with a list of tools that are an absolute necessity to carry out mobile repair projects.

1.Fine-tipped Curved Tweezer

Now the first thing that pops up in mind regarding mobile repair projects is that you got to deal with tiny elements of the damaged smartphone. Some of the repair projects may require you to access the internal parts of the smartphone.

Now there are various small-sized elements that require delicate handling. This tool is made for serving that purpose itself. The thin curve of the tweezer helps you to make easy adjustments of the internal elements without causing any further damage.

2.Triangular Opening Tool

You cannot open up the device bare handed when it comes to mobile repairing. You need a special tool to pry open the smartphone.

For easy opening of the device we recommend you to use Triangular Opening Tool. The design of this tool is quite similar to a guitar pick but is super convenient to open up smartphones.

You can use this tool to pry open the screen of the smartphone without damaging it anymore. It is a popular kind of tool among the mobile repair technicians as well.

3.Suction Cup Pliers

When you are dealing with damaged smartphones you need to be extra careful so that you don’t cause any further damage. Now to access the internals of an iPhone you require the display screen to be pried open.

Suction Cup Pliers are the tools that are made to serve just that specific purpose. These pliers have suction cup on the two ends of the tool that sticks on the front and rear of iPhone. By applying slight pressure the screen pop open.

They are a vital tool to be included in your tool kit for mobile repair.

4.Magnetic Mat

In a mobile repair project, it is quite common to disassemble the entire smartphone. Now after the disassembling is done you need to keep the small components of the device safely.

It is quite easy to lose them in their disassembled state. So why not keep them intact on an Magnetic Mat. No matter how small the smartphone part is, you’ll be able to keep them securely on the magnetic mat without the fear of losing them.

You must have all the four items listed above in your mobile repair tool kit. These tools are available easily on online store or you can even get them from cell phone repair parts distributor.

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