5 Things to Get Started with your Pinterest Campaign

Pinterest holds a significant position in Social Media Marketing. If it isn’t the part of your social media marketing strategy then you’re missing out on a great number of opportunities. You don’t believe it? Well, we have stats proving how valuable of an asset Pinterest is:

  • Pinterest users are constantly increasing and have around 150 million active users now. And on average these users spend 98 minutes on the platform every single month.
  • On average 2 billion people are using Pinterest to get different possible ideas which may help them in making a decision.
  • You’ll be surprised to know that 83% of Pinners are more interested in following brands rather than that of celebrities. A survey reports that 73% of people said that they would prefer following their favourite beauty brand than that of the favourite makeup artist. And 70% said that they would rather hair care products than their favourite hair stylists.
  • Pinterest users are likely to buy more compared to the users of other social media sites. 93% of Pinners are utilizing this platform to plan their purchases. Pinterest users spend two times more than Facebook users.

As I said, Pinterest has gained itself a seat at the roundtable of your targeted social media platforms.

1.      Better understand the Pinterest first:

Pinterest is more than an online picture pinning board, it is a huge social network with great potential. It is the third most popular social media network after Facebook and Twiter. And you’ll be surprised to know that it is driving more referral traffic than that of the Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Well, to master in pinning one must understand the basic functioning of Pinterest. You can learn the basic definitions required for Pinterest from here. But remember it is more than understanding the definitions but has become more about demographics.

A report issued by the Pew Research Centre shows that demographics have been shifting on Pinterest very swiftly. It has shown that 31% of adults online are Pinterest users. Women are increasingly joining the social networks and around 44% of women are Pinterest users. Whereas men users have grown by 16% until now. Pinterest stats have shown that 40% of new users joining Pinterest are men.

2.      Define your Goals Clearly, then Get Started With it:

Before you get started with pinning images and creating your own board or brand launch on Pinterest, you require proper planning. The first thing you need to do is to pen down the goals, define the purposes of the campaign, and categorize the audience you’ll be targeting. Know what you want to drive from the campaign. Do you just want to build quality links or want to create brand awareness to promote sales? Define your success metrics and plan the campaign on Pinterest accordingly.

The best thing you can do is to create a virtual board and start branding. This will enable you to probe several more prospects and to develop a well-defined campaign.

3.      Curate the brand:

After defining goals and results you want to drive from the strategy. Create the board and start curating it. To get better results in a short time period categorize carefully and add definitive and concise descriptions which add value.

Know it for a fact that “Content” is king for social media marketing. Promote and build your brand by featuring valuable content which motivates people to probe and share more.

Tip: It is quite essential to share content from multiple other sources rather than from your own site. Re-pin the images that send out a good image of your brand and pin the diverse mix of images from your niche.

Your board should be a commemoration of services and diversity your brand offers. Show your style, services, and culture in the most unique way possible.

4.      Know the “how” of pinning:

Pinterest is all about exhibiting the meaningful images which serve to the human needs and help them accordingly. So a grainy and out of focus photo isn’t going to cut it for you. Nothing is more aggravating than a poorly planned and pinned board. The second most offending thing after the poor image is the “Awww” and nonchalant type of captions which certainly don’t add credibility and value. A well-formed, humorous and CTA phrases containing the necessary keywords help boost the visibility of the brand.

The most compelling of all the images are those which are simple, reasonable and related to the ongoing trends.

5.      Know the “when” of Pinning:

Knowing the when to do a particular thing is quite important, especially for the social media campaigns. And Pinterest is nothing different than other platforms. Pinterest also has its peak and low hours and the tip here is to pin on the least competitive hour of the day to get more effective results.

The highest rate of activity on Pinterest is observed on 5-7 am and 6-10 p.m EST. So make sure to post your content an hour before the peak hours to ensure better visibility.

A Tip: Do not post all your content at once or it’ll be considered as spammy activity.

So have your internet ready at all times to get effective results. I remember my internet connection was a pain especially when I have an urgent thing to do. And that is when I switched to Cox internet. Cox packages are reasonable and cost-effective. Above of all internet is fast as light and is easy on the pocket.

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