Things to do in Nepal when visiting in 2020

Nepal is a landlocked country that is located in South Asian, where most people have settled in the Himalayas. Many activities are taken by tourists when they visit this place. Nepal Everest base camp is among the travel companies whose main objective is to make the visitor’s trip memorable. There are experienced tour guides that will assist you throughout your travel. You will be lead in your indoor as well as outdoor trips as you participate in the campaign of Nepal tourism year 2020. Some of the activities are Everest base camp, yoga training in Nepal, and sports.

Everest base camp helicopter tour

everest base camp heli tour

It is one of the most recommended ways to tour around Nepal. You should plan your trip before the visit and inquire more about their helicopter travel. Clear any doubts by calling the customer care center of the company. You can make arrangements as a private group keeping in mind that age is not limited to this trip. Your budget will depend on the kind of services you want the organization to offer. Also, the postponement deal is available in cases where the weather might hinder the tour from happening. Everest base camp helicopter tour will give you a pleasant and quick view of the region within hours. Those with physical conditions will hesitate to visit Nepal since it is exhausting, but the alternative is the flight.



Nepal has emerged as the most diverse country due to its many hills and Himalayas. Other attractive places are mountain ranges, viewpoints, hill stations and forests. You can hike and trek alongside the landscapes covered with snows and the various river banks found in this place. When you visit Nepal in 2020, you will get a chance to walk in the high mountain peaks and Nepalese natural scenarios. Trekking in this place will allow you to encounter smooth nature and high altitudes of Nepal. As you walk, you will get to see the beautiful waterfalls, the culture of Nepalese and wildlife.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing

Nepal provides adventurous activities such as mountaineering since mount Everest is located here. It also has more mountains that you, as the traveller, can climb. Hiking in these mountains is easy, affordable and enjoyable. There are mountains located in Nepal that are 8000 metres high, and you can choose to hike them for fun. Standing at the top of a high peak is a very thrilling experience for a visitor; hence you can climb if you are inclined.


white water rafting

Nepal rafting tours are among the best trips in the world as they have amazing rivers for this activity. Rivers in this area enhance the occurrence of exciting rapids which are calm for rafting. There are slow and easy rapids for newbies who also want to make the trip memorable by trying something new. White water rafting in Nepal is made possible by the presence of lengthy clean rivers that have sand beaches for resting. Rafting in this place is cheaper, and you will spend your days bouncing on the refreshing waters.


Mountain biking

It will be interesting if you decide to take a tour around the cities and villages of Nepal with a bike. Also, you can avoid the Kathmandu traffic as you spare more time for an adventure in this beautiful place. Biking will help you in checking on the amazing sights of Nepal as you eat different types of food in the streets. Additionally, you can do mountain biking by following short and long trekking trails. Some of the places where you can tour around with a bike are Kathmandu valley and Phewa Tal.

Rock climbing

rock climbing

Astrek climbing wall is an artificial wall where you can practice before you start rock climbing. There are natural places in Kathmandu that have rock climbing spots such as Pharping. Throughout the mountains of Nepal, endless rock hiking spots are found but mostly meant for experienced people.

Yoga training in Nepal

Yoga practices help you relax your body and mind and enhance your concentration. Visiting Nepal in 2020 will be the best time for the training. Yoga treks will give you an exposure to the wonders of mount Everest. You can go as a group of trekkers and during the way, practice yoga and meditation. An addition of yoga in the Everest base camp trek makes the journey remarkable for you. Focusing your mind during the tour in Mount Everest will help you in enjoying the trip even if you are feeling physically exhausted. Start practicing yoga before the trek for better preparations of the journey. Notably, yoga training will enhance your breathing and increase your muscle strength.

Additionally, Everest base camp trek is a beautiful experience since it provides physical, spiritual, and mental benefits. While performing your yoga practices in the mountain, you will adapt nature and bond yourself with it. A trekking planner will combine culture, natural surroundings and spirituality for your yoga tour. There is a yoga instructor in the Everest base camp who will guide you throughout the trek. Each day during your trip will start with yoga practices that make you feel the peace in the environment. Nepal capital, Kathmandu, is the first place to start yoga training due to its incredible beauty. As you are trekking, take your time and slow down your pace to absorb the silence around you.


A federal government where Everest base camp is located is working on its Visit Nepal 2020 campaign that will improve the tourism industry. Therefore, there are packages with free trekking instructors for visitors. Nepal is a nation with inviting people and a natural life. Everest base camp provides a team of highly skilled trekking experts who will give you more information during your helicopter tours and yoga treks.

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