8 Best Things To Do In Argentina

From the mesmerizing waterfalls and stunning glaciers to tango and football, Argentina is much more than the steak and wineries. The country is the land of giant steaks, glaciers, and mountains. Stretching from the Andean altiplano to the icy lakes of Pampa, Argentina is undoubtedly once-in-a-lifetime destination. Art lovers will enjoy street art, while the foodies would love to taste the exciting cuisine of Argentina.

From trekking in Patagonia to the wine tasting in Mendoza, there are myriad of things to do in Argentina. In this piece, we have covered the 8 awesome things that you just can’t miss while you travel to Argentina through cheap flight tickets. Let’s get started.

1.     Experience the Magic of a Milonga

In recent years, Tango has got a whole new audience because of the increasing number of people filling the social clubs for local tango events known as milongas. There are dance classes here from which you can learn how to dance with a partner. Even if you don’t dance yourself, you will still find lots of entertainment here. The scene of couples slipping around the dance floor is a fascinating sight.

2.     Get Soaked By the Iguazu Falls

A visit to the Iguazu waterfall is not only jaw-dropping but also visceral. The noise and the power of the striking water will live forever in your memory. Amazingly, you will also be able to observe the mountains of Brazil, given that the falls lie between Argentina and Brazil in a large area of rainforest. The falls can be reached from either side of the Brazilian-Argentine border, as well as from Paraguay.

3.     Hike in the Patagonian Andes

The northern part of the National Park is trekking heaven. This section contains some of the most dazzling mountain peaks on the earth, including the amazing Monte Fitz Roy. Even if you have limited time, you can still make small day-hikes using El Chalten as a base. The Barrancas and Colorado Rivers which run from the Atlantic to the Andes are considered the northern limits of Patagonia. Each year, thousands of people come here to fulfill their hiking fantasies.

4.     Walk with the Penguins

Every year, hundreds of thousands of penguins come to the southern part of Argentina just to feast on the plentiful fish supply before the final migration. These birds are not only adorable but also surprisingly comfortable around humans, and so, it is super easy to walk with the penguins. The Punta Tombo has the largest colony of penguins, thus making it a fantastic place for interaction. Similarly, Isla Martillo is also another penguin viewing spot with over 1000 nests for penguins.

5.     Sip Some Vino

The elegant wine of Argentine is at the top of the game. Argentina’s wine regions are located in the north of the country, thousands of miles away from the glaciers. Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer in the world and produces top-quality wine with unique flavors and distinct aromas. The region of Mendoza is undoubtedly the heart of wine in the country, given that it houses half of the country’s wineries. Vino is the best wine of this region, and you must try it while you are in Argentina.

6.     Eat the Steak

You can not underestimate the quantity and quality of steak in Argentina. You would be surprised to know that the annual consumption of beef is 120 pounds per capita in Argentina. Whether you are going to taste the beef steak for the first time or immersing yourself in the delicious Asado, the steak coma will surely overwhelm you. People of Turkey book Turkish Airlines ticket whenever they decide to visit Argentina to eat the steak.

7.     Get Up Close to wildlife

The delicate landscape of Esteros del lbera is a magical landscape of wildlife that covers an area of 13000 square kilometers. For wildlife lovers, this area is a perfect choice. Here, you will see many ponds, lakes, streams and floating islands. In addition, the myriad bird species and various marvelous dears also give an enlightening experience to the visitors. Plus, the area is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including fishes, alligators, and buffalos. 

8.     Check Fashion Designers in Palermo

At Feria de Plaza Serrano, the designers showcase their wares that entice visitors from all across the country. You can pick the jewelry, accessories, and clothing from their stalls. However, you need to buy the goods after thorough research given that many vendors put the low-quality accessories on display. Furthermore, you will also be able to get the goods at cheap rates if you do proper research.


That’s it. We have explained all the essential things that you must do if you visit Argentina. If you follow our suggestions, you would not go astray, and your trip would be the most unforgettable itinerary of your life. Don’t wait, and book your online ticket through to observe the awe-inspiring beauty of Argentina.

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