7 tips to make your relationship a success

Although the holidays, in theory, should be relaxing and fun, they often look like a marathon, for which we are not ready. Towards the end of them, we feel weary and no longer willing to repeat it again, promising ourselves that next year everything will be different. This is especially stressful for relationships, because here are some tips on how to make your relationship a success and successfully survive the holidays.

1. Find time for yourself.

Holidays are time with loved ones, but do not force yourself to be surrounded by someone all 24 hours a day, especially if you are introvert by nature. Take time for yourself to recharge. Even if it seems selfish, in fact everyone will benefit from it.

2. Allocate time only for you and your partner.

It is easy to get carried away with the holidays with friends, colleagues and relatives, only to understand by the end that you are almost strangers to each other with a partner. Allocate time only for you two, do not feel guilty if sometimes you decide to skip some parties.

3. Avoid unnecessary financial stress.

Everyone wants to please loved ones with gifts, even better – more expensive, so as not to seem mean. But it’s best to determine your budget in advance so that you don’t suffer from your generosity later.

4. Reduce your expectations.

Maybe you hope that real magic and something unbelievable will happen on these holidays, but you don’t need to rush the engagement, pregnancy or separation, just because it seems to you that everyone else is going to have something serious on the eve of the holiday.

5. Accept that quarrels are inevitable.

Especially during the holidays and preparations. Discuss in advance what this can be and that it will probably be connected with holiday stress so that you do not take it personally.

6. Do not make any important decisions.

Again, don’t get engaged, don’t part, don’t do anything on emotions from the holiday or from alcohol. Wait to solve such important things after, when nothing will influence and crush you.

7. No one owes anything.

If you do not want to celebrate, do not celebrate. If you do not want to meet with relatives – do not meet. If you do not want to have fun, do not have fun. No one owes anything. People invented the holidays themselves and created unnecessary stress for themselves. Do what is best for you.

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