The best material for interior doors

It is difficult to know what the best material for interior doors is. Here are some tips to make your choice easier.

If you are changing the interior doors of your house and have gone to any large decoration area, you have surely been overwhelmed to see all the available doors. Finishes, material, thickness …, the options are endless, so it is really difficult to choose the best material for the interior doors.

In general, to choose an interior door, three aspects must be taken into account: the available budget, the finish and the material. Depending on your budget you should opt for one type or another of doors. From here we advise you to choose the best possible door within your budget.

Solid interior doors

Solid doors are those that are formed both externally and internally by wood, so they are the most compact. Depending on the prices, these types of doors have a solid or chipboard interior.

Doors with solid interior. This type of doors is made entirely of fir, pine or oak. They are formed by a thick sheet of wood, so the wood is exactly the same on the outside as on the inside. They are the strongest and also the heaviest doors. Its price is high, since they are made entirely with quality wood.

Chipboard interior doors. Like the previous doors they are also solid. The difference lies in the fact that only the outer layer is made of quality wood – alphabet, pine or oak. The interior of the door is formed by an agglomerate of cheaper woods in the form of compacted chips. It can be said that they are the economical version of the truly solid doors. In sight they are the same but, obviously, the quality is not the same. Do not forget that solid doors require more maintenance.

If we opt for such a door, we must keep in mind that it requires maintenance. As these doors are made of 100% natural wood, they must be treated like a living being. You should be careful with humidity – especially if we install one in the bathroom and with temperature changes to prevent the doors from curving. With good maintenance these doors will last a lifetime.

Hollow interior doors

We pass to the cheapest doors. These are the hollow doors. They are characterized because their interior is partially hollow. On the outside they have the appearance of a conventional door, but its interior is formed by a geometric shape similar to that of honeycomb nests. This structure is made of cardboard, so the door assembly is very light – about 20kg.

As main drawbacks we find the low capacity to isolate both noise and temperature. It will be necessary to evaluate if it compensates that the stay loses heat in winter and that all the noises are heard in relation to the price that these doors are worth. If, for example, we are looking for a new door that communicates the living room and hallway and is always going to be open, we may not have to spend more money.

So what door do I stay with?

After reading all this, I’m sure you already have some things clearer. Or at least you have ruled out some kind of door. As you have seen, the main factor to consider is the money we plan to spend at the doors or that we can afford. Based on this you must make a first elimination.

Clearly interior doors wooden solid oak are best material for interior doors. The main drawback is that a completely solid door costs on average three or four times more than a hollow. This, multiplied by the number of doors we want to buy, causes the budget to skyrocket.

By this we do not mean that you opt for a hollow door. These types of doors are the clear example that cheap is expensive. They can’t stand the passing of the years well, they isolate very badly and they can also break if we hit them hard.

That is why we opt for solid interior doors with agglomerated interior. They seem to us the best option because they are the midpoint between the hollows and the totally solid ones. They are good insulators of both temperature and humidity and can be purchased at a good price. In addition, we can choose what type of wood we want the outer sheet, so it will combine perfectly with the decoration of our home.

Finally want to add one more type of doors, WPC Solid doors. WPC can be moulded into different types of shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a designer door or window made from WPC, it is possible as WPC gives a very rich look and freshest polishing. This is the reason it is used for doors, windows and home furnishing. Flexibond – one of the best WPC Solid Doors suppliers in Ahmedabad.

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