6 Things to Consider When Choosing Sunglasses

Moving out in hot days is little complicated. It not only burns the skin but also imposes a scorching effect on eyes. Wearing hats and sunglasses is the best step in order to avoid negative effects of heat. Buying branded sunglasses is really a fun at Sharaf DG store. Men, women or kids looking for stylish sunglasses should remember Coupon.ae where Sharaf DG Promo Code is available. There are hundreds of new promotions, deals and sales offers for buyers who shop at Sharaf DG store. According to American Academy of Ophthalmology, buying shades giving protection to eyes from UV rays is essential. Here are valuable tips by the experts at this academy.

Choose 100 Percent:

What is 100 percent? It is not about anything but UV protection. Always prefer a sunglass brand having a tag of “100 % UV Protection.” Is it difficult to find this tag? As a matter of fact, there are so many popular brands and companies offering this valuable feature. Most people don’t bother about this point. It is essential to check the lens having the said feature. Otherwise buying sunglasses will not protect the eyes from the damaging UV rays.

Bigger is better:

Whether you have a small or big face, the sunglasses should be bigger. Experts say that “Bigger Is Better” when it is about the coverage from the sunlight. No doubt, sunglasses with small frames are also in fashion but these are only stylish for cool seasons. Wearing sunglasses in the hot weather will not give full coverage from the sunlight if the frame is smaller. This is why buyers (men or women) should look for the bigger frames and glasses.

Mystery of Dark Lenses:

There is a concept that buying dark lenses is better for eyes. This is totally wrong because there is logic behind it. At Sharaf DG store, buyers pick quality sunglasses with Sharaf DG Promo Code. This is an amazing way to enjoy the affordable products of your preference. The basic purpose of wearing sunglasses is protection from UV rays. Keep this point in mind. Dark lenses don’t necessarily block these rays.

Color Doesn’t Matter:

Some sunglass brands come with stylish colored lenses. There is no difference whether you love black, amber or green lenses. These lenses are good to give a contrasting image. On the other hand, the users can match sunglasses with their dresses (dress shirts, t-shirts and jackets). Sportsmen and athletes usually choose colored sunglasses even when they are in field or playground.

What about Polarized Lenses?

At Sharaf DG store, wide range of sunglasses is available. Finding your favorite brand is no longer tedious at this store. Do you like polarized sunglasses? These are good for men and women. There is a concept that polarized sunglasses are excellent in blocking UV. This is 100 % wrong because there is no link of polarization and UV blocking. However, these products are good to maintain the image quality or view. Buy the best polarized sunglasses at a competitive prices while savings more money with the help of Sharaf DG Promo Code.

Ignore the Cost:

Buying international brands is a preferred choice but it is expensive too. Not everyone can afford the cost of popular brands of sunglasses. Would you like to wear a brand? Well, grab a Sharaf DG Promo Code from the Coupon.ae right now. Now you can shop any brand at a comparable price without any problem. The Sharaf DG store enables the buyers to discover the preferred brands at a reasonable cost. This is only because of the recent deals, sales and promotions offered by this famous store.

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