Printing Custom Lotion Boxes for Displaying Signature Collection

Lotions are a skincare essential that everybody needs in all seasons. While there are a number of body, feet and hand lotions available to customers in different formulations, you can make your signature lotion range stand out by displaying it in entrancing packaging lotion boxes. Personalized packaging is likely to add a distinctive appeal to your product range; you can make a statement with dazzlingly designed boxes for lotions. 

Custom packaging for cosmetics and skincare items is printed with gripping artwork and text details. Based on the kind of lotions you have in your collection, get the boxes designed uniquely. Product boxes with your branding essentials will make the shoppers remember your skincare business and products. They will come back to shop more if they like your lotions packaged in riveting boxes. You should check out contemporary cosmetic packaging ideas to know what kind of boxes you need for pitching your skincare items. 

Lotion bar boxes should be customized considering the preferential taste of your target audience. You can utilize packaging for creating the desired perception about your lotion collection but in order to accomplish that goal, you need to pay attention to detail when personalizing boxes. Seek the expertise of a seasoned printing vendor like the Packaging Republic that has been in the industry for a while and is well-acquainted with the latest printing techniques and trends. 

We are sharing some useful tips for printing packaging for your exclusive lotion range!

Packaging Design should be Original and Enthralling 

The design of product boxes plays a significant role in giving a notion about the packaged item to the onlookers. If you have a number of floral and other lotions in the collection, get the packaging customized with varying artworks for each of them. Color scheme, images, and text for different lotion boxes should be relevant to the products’ features. You can use vibrant or soothing color themes based on the kind of lotion you intend to promote. Font style should be funky, get the name of various lotions printed prominently on the boxes. 

Lotion Boxes ought to be Stylish and Handy 

Packaging style for different lotion boxes should be stylish but handy at the same time. You can have a look at the recurrently used box styles for skincare items. If you don’t like them, ask the printing service provider about some die-cut preferences but make sure that the layout you choose is consumer-friendly and not hard to handle. You should brief your inclinations to personal lotion boxes manufacturer, this will help you get the packaging customized as per target customers’ needs and your liking. 

Packaging should define the Product 

Boxes for lotions should describe their formulation, coverage hours and the number of months during which the skincare item should be consumed. If a lotion contains certain components that aren’t suitable for sensitive and other skin types, this should be clearly printed on the packaging. Custom lotion boxes should have all the striking features of packaged items to help buyers take the product pick according to their needs.  Do mention storage instructions on boxes to protect the lotions from getting runny due to heat and moisture. You can share the unique selling points of your product range on the packaging to make it worth trying out for the shoppers. For instance, you can mention that the jasmine lotion you are pitching contains the essence of hand-picked jasmine from a particular region.

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