Best Water Purifier Services From Kent RO

The most trusted readership purifier brand in India, Kent  RO, Kent RO, takes it a step further to increase customer service and ownership of RO Water Purifier. Kent service centers are now available with extended four years of free service. Hence the time to enjoy extended bliss and monkey perfection.

The first step of kent  RO is to ensure that consumers do not fall prey to substandard services and spare parts, as suggested by local service providers in the market. Buying a water purifier is not enough. It is necessary maintenance the correct routine to ensure that you drink clean and safe drinking water. As a result, it is essential to clarify all messages related to the After Sales Service before purchasing a water purifier. Kent is a well-known name in the water purifier industry, is known for its efficient sales services.

Whether you need to request for product service, get maintenance services, or find out about Kent RO AMC. Kent Service Centre makes it easy to avail after-sales services without any hassle.

Services Provided By Kent  Service Center

 The Following Are Services Provided By Kent  Service Center

How Can The User Register A Service Request?

The problems that many people face when it comes to after-sales services is filing a service request. This is why kent offers the following convenient ways to clarify installation repair or AMC related questions requesting a service.


For the convenience of customers, it is easy to use the service app in kent. Customer’s anti-service app can download, which is available for both Android and iOS phones to keep the service on request.

Helpline Number

You can also call the kent helpline number 92789 12345 which is available whole week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Apart from using the helpline number and mobile app, you can also request for any service by sending an email to the service@kent

How To Check Warranty And Service

This is another important information that you must know before purchasing a water purifier. All water purifiers from kent come with a warranty period of 1 year from the date of installation. Apart from this, kent also provides three years of free service for all RO water purifiers. During the warranty period, kent service center replace and repair any part of the water purifier with faulty material or construction defect.

Are Spare Parts Readily Available?

Spare parts are another critical factor that you need to consider when purchasing a water purifier. When it comes to water purifiers from the kent, it is advisable to avoid buying spare parts from any local store. You can place a service request very quickly, and the technician will help the user to provide the necessary spare parts. To ensure that you can get help from the kent  Service Centre Helpline to know about the cost of spare parts kent ro service Kolkata .

Installation of RO water purifiers is the best possible solution to fight the issue of contaminated water. The RO Water Purifier uses completely natural methods to purify water. Kent Service Center in Kolkata RO provides answers on the whole related to the installation and operation of water purifiers.  

That is why if you want to give a healthy life to your family and dear ones by providing pure water and healthy water, then Kent RO AMC is the right solution for that. With tremendous experience in the field of water purification systems, you can expect nothing but the best.

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At RO Care India, we understand that pure water is the only weapon to fight against thousands of diseases out in the real world. With a wealth of experiences accumulated, we trade and supply water treatment products.

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