Places to Use a Folding Step Stool

Having a folding step stool or two means you can reach most things in the house without having to drag a full-sized stool or chair from room to room. Chipping the paintwork on a doorframe, or scuffing the wallpaper is so annoying, especially if you are only trying to change a lightbulb or reach something on top of a wardrobe. However, thanks to their versatility, folding step stools aren’t just useful for reaching things that are high up, they can be used almost anywhere in the home, or even in a caravan or boat.

Because they fold up small and made from tough, durable plastic, folding step stools are perfect for kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms. They can use them as a seat in their bedroom, or you can keep it tucked away somewhere to pull out when you need to reach things that are stored away. In the bathroom, they are great for kids as they can stand on them to clean their teeth when they are too short to reach the sink properly, and they can also use them to either stand on or rest their feet on when they are too short to reach the loo, or their legs don’t reach the floor!  It can make using the bathroom and cleaning teeth an altogether much more enjoyable experience for small children.  There are no hygiene issues with a folding step stool either as they are fully washable, so they can just be dunked in a bucket of disinfectant if necessary.

A caravan or boat is always a great place to have a folding step stool, as there is always a need for one, but never really enough space for a full-sized stool. Even if you just want to use it to make the step from your caravan to the ground two-stage instead of one big step, a folding step stool is a perfect answer as it will just tuck neatly away when you don’t need it anymore. There are so many different uses for folding step stools, even if you don’t have an immediate need for one, it is worth buying one when you can as they will come in amazingly handy at some point in the future, and until then it can just be put away neatly, taking up hardly any space at all.  A folding step stool may be a small bit of furniture, but it is worth its weight in gold.

Folding Step Stool

A folding step stool is such a simple but invaluable bit of furniture. There is always a cupboard that is difficult to reach, or a light bulb that needs changing and never something the right height or even suitable to stand on to reach them. Having a folding step stool tucked away means you will always have something safe and sturdy to stand on to reach those awkward things.

Not all kitchens have room to allow you to keep a stool that you only use on the odd occasion, so having something that folds up to next to nothing and slips away out of sight is the perfect solution. Of course, folding step stools don’t have to be limited to the kitchen, you can keep them in any room in the house where you might need that little bit of extra height to reach something. The beauty of them is they are so inexpensive you can have more than one, and they are so light and easy to carry that you can always move them from room to room with ease, no worrying about marking walls or chopping paintwork as you try and carry a full-sized stool or chair from one room to another in order to reach a light fitting or top-shelf.

Thanks to their clever design, folding plastic step stools are quick and easy to both fold and unfold, with a safe, sturdy structure that allows you to use them with complete peace of mind that they are safe. Made out of touch, durable plastic, that wipes clean and has non-slip feet, they can be used over and over with no ill effects, they won’t start to look tatty or grimy, as they can be washed as and when they need it. Because they fold up so small, they can be put away out of sight, and won’t be getting kicked or bumped into on a daily basis.

Folding step stools don’t have to be limited to just being used in the kitchen, or for changing light bulbs, they have a huge range of uses, and because they are so lightweight and compact, can be taken on holiday, or even on a day out if necessary. They come in a fantastic range of colors, and you will find a color to match any room if you want to. Getting a folding step stool is such a great little investment to make and will make your life so much easier in so many little ways.

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