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Steps of Getting Custom cardboard Product Boxes

Cardboard is perhaps the most popular material that companies are using these days for packaging their products. It is the most widely used material today due to its excellent properties. Cardboard Boxes are being used for packaging every type of product. They have three layers that provide both protection and cushioning at the same time. The outer two layers are strong. The layer in the middle is fluted and flexible. It is softer as compared to the other two layers and is responsible for providing some level of cushioning. This layered structure makes cardboard a strong choice for casing items.
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For shipping products, the packaging must be lightweight. When casings lightweight, they are easy to ship from one place to another. When the weight of the shipment is reduced overall, the costs also come down. Cardboard is also one of the most affordable materials that are available in the market for making packaging boxes. It is abundantly available and is produced in large amounts so its costs never go up significantly. Plus, old boxes can be recycled to create new ones. This is also beneficial for ecology since recycling older items reduces the need for producing and using new ones.

Research different Types

The first step of getting a cardboard container is to research the variety currently available in the market. There are a number of services that provide a large variety of containers at different prices. Any company willing to spend its money on cardboard boxes should first look into the types that a manufacturer is providing. There are a lot of types available such as Kraft boxes, rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, white boxes, and the like. They are used for keeping different kinds of items. So, a brand should first evaluate its products before deciding the kind of boxes needed for it. 

Printing Decision

After deciding the material and type of the boxes, it is time to work on the printing that might be suitable for a brand. Modern technologies have made it possible for companies to have innovative and attractive printing on their packaging.

Differen5t techniques are adopted by manufacturers for printing boxes but the most popular are Litho, flexographic, and digital methods. But the most popular among these three is the flexographic method. It works like a stamp on the box. 

Flexographic printing uses a large plat that has the custom design made on it. Once that design has been made on the plate, ink is used to put to imprint that design on the box. The plate rotates on a drum collecting the ink and pasting it slowly on the container.



The packaging for any product must be selected according to the product itself and not arbitrarily. Ordering randomly sized boxes will only lead to wastage of materials and money. If properly sized packaging is not ordered, the product might not fit inside it and all of it will go to waste because every company only has a specific set of products to package.

Selecting the appropriately sized Cardboard boxes for sale also lets companies save a lot of costs. Shipping services ascertain costs based on weight. So, if the sizes are not evaluated beforehand, a company might order boxes larger than what is actually needed and hence increase the costs.

The sizes used by experienced companies can be studied to check what size will be appropriate for certain products. This strategy helps a lot of companies in deciding the kind of packaging they need.


This step might be outsourced if the company itself has not got the required technical expertise. Designing is the logical step after the size and type of packaging has been decided. But it demands some software skills that a lot of companies lack. Therefore, they have to hire someone to do this job for them.

This process runs parallel with ordering the packaging. Sometimes, the manufacturers offer designing services too. And, some of them even do it for free. This is a huge advantage for companies that want every major service under one umbrella and also want to reduce their costs.

Checking Out

A manufacturer should be selected only after it has been thoroughly checked. The clients should check the details of the company and their location before ordering. Checking location is important because sometimes, there is a need to visit them in person and communicate effectively. 

Similarly, their reviews should be checked. If they are an experienced company, they must have worked with many clients. And those clients tell others about their experience with that brand. These experiences can help others decide whether a brand is worth working with or not.

Everyone should be beware of the fake reviews that companies often out on their websites. Hence, it is better to check a third-party reviewer for making an informed decision. Before checking out, the shipping fees and time must be known so that there are no problems later.

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