How to make my dog ​​love me and heed me

How to make my dog ​​love me and heed me

If you wonder how to know if your dog hates you or if he loves you, you are doing something wrong. The dogs are one of the best, docile and affectionate animals that exist on Earth. They are empathetic, kind and love you, and if you treat them well, they will love you. Otherwise, they will be distressed.

In this article we are going to tell you how to get your dog to adore you ; and even if you feel that he no longer loves you as before, there are ways to get your relationship back to what it was; something frequent after having overcome a chapter of anxiety. However, remember that this article is for guidance purposes only.

Our ethologists will be happy to answer your questions. Explain your particular situation and we will tell you how to make it the happiest dog in the park. Ask your question without obligation.

My dog ​​doesn’t love me like before

Let’s start by the beginning. You have to give a concrete fact so that your dog has stopped paying attention, because its nature is to adore you. The most common reason that he has changed his feelings for you is anxiety or depression. Hairy people love the routine, knowing when it’s their turn to eat and what time it is for their daily pampering. If your life has had serious changes in relation to this, you may suffer from anxiety or depression.

Another reason why you will see it sad is because of a disease. One of the first symptoms of almost any pathology that can affect a dog is that it will sob more, be more distant and sleep more. That is, in addition to a serious change in his life, it may seem that he no longer loves you because he is ill.

How to know if your dog hates you

It is important that you know that your dog does not hate you. Don’t be selfish, don’t think of yourself but him. Reflect on the reasons we have given you before why it seems that he no longer loves you and works on them. First, establish a strict routine in your home. Clearly mark the hours when he will go out, when he eats and when you will be by his side. That order will help you calm down and reassure your mind.

Once we have removed the uncertainty from your mind, it’s time to think about your physical well-being. Remove from your day to day bad food, feed or croquettes of poor quality. Instead, take a calendar and mark when you will give homemade recipes, when wet recipes and when I think, but yes, of the highest quality.

If you have any questions about the portions, the recipes or how to feed him in this way, put your query without obligation. Our canine dietitians will give you more information based on the race, weight and age of your colleague. Remember that being overweight makes you sedentary, and that also makes you unhappy.

How to make your dog listen to you and be happy

Now that you know that you have to eat well, that you cannot be sick and that you need a routine that is strictly complied with, you have to educate him and treat him like a dog. This means that you have to set limits, make sure that you understand what you can and cannot do when you are at home, in the company of other dogs and other humans. He has to understand that you command him. Of course, do not even think about going to the hands or physical violence, but to direct and inflexible orders. This will also give you security.

As you fulfill what you ask, reward him with sweets. It has been shown that positive reinforcement and stimulation make the dog react better than with the negative. You have to be constant throughout this process, sign and learn to enjoy your company.

When to know that a dog loves you?

If you comply with all this we are telling you, you will notice a change in your behavior. He will look for you happily when he touches you, he will come to you and your company because he feels safe by your side and will eat everything you serve. Making your dog happy will not only make him love you more, also make him sick less and live longer.

If you have any questions, contact our experts in canine behavior. We have been helping Pet Lovers for years to meet their pets, and we would love to do the same with you.

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