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We all know a color block is in demand. If you find most of the people whether they are men or women they are following the trends. Color block is in trends and every single people wants to try it. Well, many people don’t know the meaning of color block or might not be aware of the word color block. So here are the answers to the question of what is a color block?

Color blocking is a thought or can say an idea of selecting colors that are opposite colors on the color wheel. And people pair the colors to make them look interesting and colorful. This helps to make the color combination fascinating and interesting. This gives a complementary color combination and makes the entire outfit a great look. You can also try out the color blocking look from this blog that will help you to get a great and smart look. This year follow the trends and follow all the fashion-related things and be in trends. You can try this color block idea in any wear whether it’s western or casual or ethnic wear. So here are some of the ideas or style tips of the color block which you can follow from this blog of House of Panchali!

1) Go for a color Block Kurti!

Pair up your stylish pink designer kurtis online with orange palazzos or leggings and get the stylish color block look. Similarly, if you want a formal color block look you can opt for dark pink formal pants with an orange shirt and if you can want can add a baby pink or dark pink blazer over it to give a formal look. You can try this color block for western outfits also. Go for dark green pants and pair it up with a royal blue top. This will surely give a classic look and you will fall for this color combination.

2) For evening parties!

I know everybody becomes excited when it comes to any party or get together. Want a bright yet classy color then you can go for yellow and pink color combinations. Like go for a pretty yellow color dress and add a layer of the pink color jacket over it. Or to give it a proper party look go for a shiny yet classy baby pink jacket. You can opt for some of the colors like red and blue and purple and orange. You can mix match the colors and get an amazing color block combination.

3) For a Casual look!

The casual look is a very simple yet smart look. All you can do can create a classy look with the normal classy outfits of color block and create a normal look yet classy look. Go for any colorful or solid color Kurti like pink Kurti or purple Kurti and create an amazing look with that by pairing it up with an amazing orange color online for Women Ethnic Bottomwear. You can even try for some of the funky styles like dhotis pants or leggings.

So here are some of the style tips on color block combinations that you can try and get a stylish yet comfortable look. Try to follow up on the trends of color block and get the latest updates on the trends with the blogs of House of Panchali. Get the latest updates on the fashion tips from this blog of color block and try yourself this look and get an amazing look from the color block. Share your favorite color block look with us in the comment section!

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