A Small Business Idea That Can Boom in 2020-2030

Today I will share a small business idea that may boom in 2020-2030.

It can solve many social problems. It is a very low competition business and needs a very small amount of investment.

Just look at your around. Our planet is now in the developing stage. Medical Science is continuously improving. It has already decreased the death percentage.

Now people are living more years and becoming older. After the age of 70, they don’t have enough strength for movement. They could not move here and there and feel lonely.

Senior citizens are always respectable. When they become retired from their work, they feel lonely. From their loneliness, they become frustrated and facing some diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

This will be your business subject.

How to Start This Business

Before starting this business, you need to do a survey, how many older people do you have around and their growing percentage. What services they are looking for.

Most of the cases they need a company. They need a person who can help him to walk around, gossip with him can play some indoor and outdoor games with him.

When senior citizens are engaged in some hobbies like gardening, playing video games or bird watching can give them relief from the loneliness.

What Type of Services Required for The Senior Citizens?

Senior citizens always need some special types of services. Let’s focus on the services:

  • Senior citizens always need company.
  • They need a special type of nursing
  • Yoga practice
  • Golfing, Fishing, Snooker partner
  • Special travel package

If you can provide this type of service, you will get many customers beyond your expectations.

As the senior citizens earned a lot in their working life, they are ready to pay a good amount.

What does Technical Support Require for This Business?

First, you need a website for this business. Two apps require (connected with the website). One app is for the customers and another app is for the service providers.

Service providers will work on a freelance basis, just like the Uber App.

Customers’ app will send customers’ data to the website. This website will work as a storage database. The website will send some data to the service providers’ app, so that, the service provider can contact the customer.

How to do Marketing of this Business?

First, you need to hire a digital marketing expert and SEO expert in Bangladesh for the marketing and branding of this model. You will get full technical and digital marketing support from them.

There are many digital marketing tools for marketing your business. You can do digital marketing on your own also.

Other Requirements for This Idea

You need some fresh freelance graduates who can give 2/3 hours every day. You should train them before starting this service. Customers (senior citizens) can hire a person for 2 hours.


In this business model, you need huge manpower, and this is the number one difficulty.

Training is also a difficult part to start this business.

Customers will ask many types of other services, that you are not providing right now.


An idea can change your life. I just talk here about a business model. You can find many other models that solve our social problems. People have many small business ideas that may boom in the near future (2020-2030)

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