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Are You Sure Your Car Will Pass MOT Test?

The title of this blog raises an important question. If you are not worried about your next MOT test, it only means you are sure your car will pass the MOT test. If you are one of them who maintain their vehicles regularly, passing the test may be an easy task for you.

However, when you ignore the required check-ups of the car, you must worry about the MOT test since your vehicle may have several underlying reasons for failing the test. MOT or Ministry of Transport test is an essential examination of the vehicle to ensure safe driving on the roads.

If you are not sure that your car is roadworthy enough or not, read the checklist given below to make sure your vehicle passes the MOT Hucknall checkup. Your car may also fail the MOT examination for minor faults as well. Thus, you can go through this checklist to work on all the possible issues.

MOT checklist

Car lights

Check all the lights of your vehicle. Look at headlights, rear lights, brake lights, indicator lights, hazard lights, and fog lights and replace blown-out bulbs.

Brake and steering

MOT tester is going to check the braking system and steering of the car as well. If you observe anything abnormal, see a mechanic.

Wheels and tyres

Check the pressure of all the tyres since the tester is going to check the tyre inflation. Moreover, the examiner will check the tyre depth, and if he finds bald tyres, your vehicle will not get an MOT certificate.

Driver’s view

Check the wipers and washers for any dysfunction. Remove the stickers that may block the driver’s view.

Body of the vehicle

The body of the car should be free of dents. The examiner may refuse to pass your vehicle if the car is dirty and dusty.

Unfamiliar noise

Make sure you do not hear an odd noise coming from any part of your car. Visit a service station if you hear a noise but cannot find out the reason.

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

The MOT examiner will check the Vehicle Identification Number. It should be observed easily on the vehicle.

Registration plate

The MOT mechanic is going to check the registration plates as well. He will make sure it is in good condition and follows all the legal regulations.

Car horn

Make sure your horn is working properly. If you do not do so, the MOT mechanic is going to check the horn and award you a failed MOT certificate.


The examiner is supposed to check the windscreen for any damage.

Seat and seat belts

During the MOT checkup, the mechanic is going to check the seats and seatbelts because of safety reasons.

Doors and mirrors

Doors are also examined during MOT. Therefore, you must check that the doors open and close correctly. Examiner will check the wing mirrors as well.

Fuel and exhaust system

Make sure the fuel system is not leaking or is not damaged. Moreover, check the condition of the exhaust system.

After reading all these MOT checklist itemsyou can be assured of the success in the MOT Eastwood checkupIf you need further assistance, come to the Farnsfield Auto Centre, and we will help you understand all about the MOT test. We also provide genuine MOT test. Ensure you avail all of our services.

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