A few things an Ultimate Dedicated Server can do for us

For those who have a dedicated server which they are not using right now, they might start wondering about the things they can do with a dedicated server.

They should know that the ultimate dedicated server they are not using has the following key uses:

1.Using it to host websites

By far the most popular use of a dedicated server is to use it for web hosting.

A dedicated server is necessary if businesses have a large and intensive website having peak traffic of about a million visitors each week.

Shared hosting allows websites to share the hosting server with others. Here, the bandwidth and disk space on the server is restricted.

This can be disastrous because if the website is limited, visitors cannot get to it and increased traffic on a website on a shared hosting server will then bring it down.

Hence, it will cut down sales by a large margin.

With dedicated hosting, it is not much of an issue as the website is with only one server.

The bandwidth and disk space are not shared too. The site gets a lot of space on it to grow online.

2.Using it for backup

A dedicated server is always a good backup option. It takes a lot of time in raising a website and in today’s online world where a lot of businesses are minting millions online through attracting millions of visitors; the business suffers a lot when the website goes down without notice.

In some cases, websites can get hacked. At times, it might become impossible to get the website back up and running again. It results in loss of the site, visitors, customers, and income.

It is, however, possible to create backups of the website. The ideal place to conduct this activity is the dedicated server which allows the creation of website backups with relative ease.

3.Using it to create a Minecraft server

Those who love multiplayer games like Minecraft, choose to use a dedicated server for allowing Minecraft to run smoothly.

A dedicated server comes in with a monthly cost, but a group of friends might want to share the cost in order to have their own Minecraft server.

This kind of hosting provides minimal downtime in the game as well as offering optimal speed.

4.Hosting a personal cloud space

Personal cloud space is another benefit a dedicated server can provide with ease.

The cloud, in fact, has become the ultimate way of accessing and storage of data. One of the best benefits is that anything can be stored in the cloud and among them are:

  • Documents.
  • Photographs.
  • Videos.
  • Presentations.
  • Emails.
  • Chat Transcripts.
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calendars.

Businesses can benefit by offering employees access to a private cloud space which can be made possible by paying for hosting on a dedicated server.

Managing projects through the cloud is a good idea. Why? Because employees have access to it in a variety of ways. Among them are computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Many project management tools are available, and some have the option for data sync.

All businesses must do is simply sign up for the dedicated server hosting. That way, they get to install the software of their choice and have their own company cloud.

5.A dedicated firewall

One of the uses of dedicated servers is to take advantage of the space as a dedicated firewall.

Firewalls are an essential feature, but commercial software and hardware are expensive.

Those who have dedicated servers have open source choices that work just well with the commercial ones.

A firewall works by filtering all information coming through the internet to either the computer or a private network. Filters (or flags) are set up in the firewall.

These very filters stop certain information or people from getting through. In other words, a firewall is an additional protection layer for computers and is the first line of defense before the anti-virus software shield.

However, people should keep in mind that if no firewalls are in place then all computers linked together are then accessible by outsiders. It is possible for hackers to get into an organization’s computers and cause a riot (monetary losses included as well).

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