How Professional Packaging Companies Produces Dazzling Custom Soap Boxes?

Having attractive custom soap box packaging is a must because many customers only scan the packaging before deciding to buy or leave the product. In other words, if the custom soap boxes look great, your product will jump off the shelves and land right into the hands of the customers.   

Professional packaging firms such as The Legacy Printing are committed to designing, developing, and printing the best custom printed soap boxes that’ll make your product a huge success. Here’s how renowned packaging companies develop an efficient process to produce eye-popping packaging that outshines competing products.    

Knowing the Product  

The first step for a packaging firm is to develop a solid understanding of your product. They find out the main characteristics of the product such as:   

  • Product weight
  • Product shape
  • Product size
  • Product form (solid, liquid or gas)
  • Sensitivity (how brittle the product is)

Identifying the Target Audience & Analyzing How to Sell Them

A target audience is an ideal group of customers who buy your products. When you engage a packaging company to craft your custom soap boxes, they identify your ideal customers, which could be adults, businesspeople, a particular gender or senior citizens.

Once they figure out who they are targeting, then they study their thinking patterns. Reading various survey results pertaining to your product is also a part of their job. It gives them a good idea of how your target customers respond to different soap packages and brands. The key aim is to determine why people want to buy your product.   

By listing all the short selling propositions, it becomes easier for a packaging company to carve a compelling design that inspires your customers to buy the products. 

Choosing Key Elements of Brand Identity for Packaging

Knowing your target audience means you can effortlessly choose key elements of brand identity for the packaging. 

  • Choose the best color palettes that make your packaging stand out.
  • Understand what different hues mean to the ideal buyers.
  • Figure out where you want to put your company logo and other important elements.  
  • Incorporate a readable font style.

Determination of Layer Thickness

Typically, professional packaging comprises three layers:

  • Outer Package: Not only it creates the first impression, but it also keeps the soaps from wear and tear during storage and transit. 
  • Inner Package: The sturdy layer is added to keep the product from being crushed or scrapped. In the case of soap, this specific layer helps preserve the scent of the product until it is opened.
  • Product Package: The last layer closely touches the encased product. For this reason, it is often mentioned as ‘retail packaging’.  

Choosing the Best Packaging Materials

Considering your product, choose the best type of packaging materials. The selection of materials is based on the following factors:

  • How the product is used?
  • What are the physical features of the product?
  • What are the standard regulations for packing soaps?
  • What’s the cost of each packaging solution?
  • Does it ensure safety during shipping? 
  • What type of packaging materials competitors are using?

Creating Compelling Design for Packaging

Established packaging companies often have in-house graphic designers that create out-of-the-box designs for their clients. Here’s how they create a winning packaging design:

  • Study the latest industry trends.
  • Create multiple design options for clients’ selection. 
  • Ensure clients get all the images in high-resolution.
  • Make sure the selected font style is easy to read. 
  • Assess each design option by using objective criteria.

Use Sample to Get Feedback

Once you have the final sample of the packaging, test it out with some customers or friends prior to ordering bulk printing. Allow people to look at your packing and share their feedback. Listen closely to what they have to say. Ask them about their first impression of the package. Find out what they don’t like and what they like about the container. Now use this feedback to make the necessary modifications before sending it for final printing. 

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