Want to create an illustration? Here’s how

It is important to understand the fundamentals and basic values in order to achieve the best outcome for anything. A rationale is a must to outline your illustration style, enabling harmony between your work and concepts. The basics include forming gradients with color palettes and the right strokes, especially since they weigh and influence cohesion within the illustration.

However, it is important to map attributes that are valuable to illustration if you wish to seek success and growth. Keep in mind to understand the project that you are stepping into before you start off with its developmental processes. Know what you want to gain from the project and work towards it. It is also essential to keep the stakeholders in confidence, allowing them to partake in all the stages of illustration; this way both of you will be able to work together towards a common aim.

Highlighting your goals and aims from your illustration

What most illustration agency do is they focus on factors that are going to make their illustration purposeful. An illustration without a purpose is no more than a spineless body, it will not be able to connect with its viewers or retain their attention. Knowing what to expect from a piece of art will aid you at implementing the right strategies and features that are meaningful.

Using a style guide to construct an illustration

Having a style guide can be a life saver for illustrators, not only does it provide a rough idea on the core design of the illustration but ensures that it complements the message that is to be conveyed through imagery. It can potentially help you feed the brands identity and help you create illustrations that are focused on gaining attention from the viewers.

Color palettes too can be decided upon your style guide, whether the colors ought to be vivid or subtle. You can predict your illustration to stand out from the rest with a well-constructed style guide.

Knowing the value of your illustration

Evaluating the value of your illustration is going to give you free space to flow, without confining you when it comes to shaping a brands personality. Whether you choose to deliver your illustration to present the idea as quirky, elegant or passive; forming a synopsis concerning the styles is going to become easier. Make sure to have an idea on how the illustration is going to appear once it is displayed on the interface.

Illustration mood boards to pick from

Mood boards is an effective method to judge your illustrations direction, especially when it comes to deciding what you want to portray from your imagery. Not only does it assist stakeholders in defining their concepts and ideas regarding their brands image but gives additional options to choose from. However, you are not required to be consistent with creating mood boards, they are simply there to provide an overview on pathways that are accessible. Gain as much information you can to gather inspiration.

Extensive exploration to achieve an outcome

Nothing is better than exploring. We live in an era where information is easily available, all it requires is a simple click. Therefore, use that to your benefit and gather as much information as you can to get to a strong standpoint. But keep in mind that not everything you witness might work the same way for you, each design caters to a certain criteria.

Underlining the language of illustration

Illustration comes along with its own individual language and that is what sets it apart from all the other forms of art. But in order to create an effective illustration it is essential that everyone is on the same page, offering solutions that falls under everyone’s requirements. It does not require to be too detailed but sufficient enough to deliver a message. Whether its icons to assist the brand at gaining visibility or illustrations made to accessorize an empty text, they all have their own separate language. It all comes down to the components they are being paired up with.


In the end it is your choice to strategize your illustration and implement features that are going to benefit you and give you an edge against the competition. Illustrations are meant to draw attention towards a concept or an enterprise. Which simply emphasizes on their importance within business industry, without illustrations we wouldn’t have been able to differentiate our services and products amongst those delivering similar solutions. Illustrations are meant to bring things to life, may it be a grey area that seems to have a missing piece or an undeveloped notion; illustrations do not fail to bring viewers in awe, bewitching them and luring them to associate with businesses. 

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