Why using co-axial cable for CCTV cameras is ideal

The choice of cable is very important when it comes to the installation of a CCTV surveillance system in a property. One of the most advantageous options is a coaxial cable. The use of such cable for cameras definitely makes a surveillance system better from various aspects.

What is a co-axial cable for CCTV?

The format of a coaxial cable is designed in such a way that it can deliver a higher frequency that other cable options cannot. The method of signal propagation in a co-axial cable for CCTV cameras is the transverse electromagnetic mode. It can be used for two-way transmissions and data transmissions perfectly.

It contains two conducting layers separated by a suitable dielectric material for uninterrupted transmission. The inner and outer conductors are fabricated in the form of concentric cylinders to give the wire a cylindrical shape. This type of cables uses copper, aluminum, copper-clad steel, silver-plated copper, and other sensitive alloys as conductors for easy transmission and no loss in energy.

Benefits of using coaxial cable for CCTV cameras

In most of the security camera installations, coaxial cable is used as the right choice for easy transmission. This choice provides immense benefits to the security system. Let us know them a little deeper.

  • Supporting higher bandwidth levels

The supportive nature of the coaxial cables enables the easy transmission of data. The high definition cameras will send more data and they will need a better cable to handle it. The necessity of handling higher bandwidth in the current surveillance system designs demands for a cable similar to the mentioned one.

  • Cost-effective

Coaxial camera cables are less expensive than the optic fiber cables used in the conventional CCTV systems. Optic fibers cost more than coaxial cables. This coaxial cable has been in existence in different phases of electronic connectivity for a few decades. Increasing service charges and installation prices can be eased off to a huge extent by using this option.

  • Easy installation and integration

The use of coaxial camera cables makes the process of installation easier and affordable. Apart from its cost-effective feature, a coaxial cable can be conveniently installed by the use of simple tools. The opening and splitting of such cables can be done easily thus making the process easy to accomplish without the requirement of complex processes. On the other hand, damaged cables can also be replaced in no time due to the simplicity of the process.

  • Easy location and ruggedness

Co-axial cable for CCTV camera is extremely rugged as it resists bending, crushing, and abrasion perfectly. On the other hand, optic fibers get easily damaged. Coaxial cables can be installed in different climatic conditions or places. Its resistance to abrasions makes it more durable.

  • Power provision

This cable can be used to provide power to particular elements in the CCTV surveillance system. In fact, the long-drawn cables do not let power efficiency to drop either.


Installing coaxial CCTV cable for Camera is much easier and cost-effective. It also fulfills all the purposes of a surveillance system’s demands.

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