9 Hotel Survival Tips Every Frequent Business Traveler Should Know

While most travelers associate hotels with leisure and vacation, some folks see them as their temporary homes when working from place to place. For business travelers, it’s important to stay at a hotel that won’t only foster productivity but will also make them feel more like home during their business trip. 

Are you a business traveler? Do you feel homesick whenever you’re traveling for work? Do you find it hard to stay productive, healthy, and happy in a hotel? Check out these tips to create a hotel setting you’ll feel safe and comfortable working and sleeping in. 

1. First things first: Safety

Hotel security is a major concern for frequent travelers. A 2018 study suggests that 27% of all business travelers have felt unsafe when staying in hotels and half of all business travelers fear intruders. 

Fire, terrorist attacks, lack of privacy, and theft concerns are some of the risks associated with hotels. Stay safe by knowing how to deal with these situations:

  • Stay at hotels that offer restricted access. 
  • When checking in, don’t tell your name out loud. You can also give your first initial and last name for privacy concerns. 
  • Never give out your room number
  • Put the “do not disturb” sign when going out
  • Consider picking rooms on floors four to six, which are just enough for ladder trucks to reach. 
  • Stay close to the stairwell or fire exit
  • Avoid staying on the ground floor, which can make you an easy target for robberies and room entries.

2. Unpack upon arrival

Nothing makes you feel more like home in a business hotel than clearing out your suitcase and placing your clothes in the closet provided. Fold casual clothes neatly and hang dress shirts, pants, and jackets as needed. Just don’t forget to inspect the hotel room first before unpacking. 

3. Set up a comfortable makeshift office 

Designate an area for work-related tasks and an area solely for relaxation. Obviously, it’s suggested not to work while you’re on your comfortable bed (unless you’re one of the few people who can work efficiently on the bed without falling asleep or getting lazy). You can use the in-room desk for your laptop and paperwork. 

4. Use the pool to relax and work out

Why settle for a cramped hotel gym if you can do your workout in a spacious pool area? The hotel pool isn’t just a playground for the little ones – it can also be a nice place to get some exercise. You can have the pool all to yourself during off-peak times. 

5. Bring your own cup of joe

If coffee is a crucial part of your morning ritual, you know how a single cup of coffee can make or break your day. Instead of guessing whether today’s complimentary coffee would be too bland or too strong, bring your own coffee. You can also bring a portable coffee maker. 

6. Ask the staff for the stuff

Do you need to iron your wrinkled shirts? Or style your hair for an important lunch meeting? Hotels are likely to have in-room iron and hairdryer. If not, you can always ask the hotel staff for them. You can even request for a different pillow. 

7. Invest in noise-canceling tools

Some people find it hard to get a good night’s sleep in a place that’s not their own. The noise from the outdoors can make things worse. Deal with the potential noise by investing in noise-canceling earphones or sleep buds. You can also stream music apps and listen to white noises and soothing sounds. 

8. Create hotel habits

Are you a frequent traveler who tends to stay in a different hotel every night or every week? Do you find yourself flying from a business hotel in Dublin to a boutique hotel in London? Create hotel habits, like being consistent about where you place things and keeping a checklist of what to do when entering and leaving the room. Not only will it make everything organized – in the case of fire alarms and evacuations, but you’ll also be able to grab everything quickly. 

9. Whenever possible, stick with one hotel chain 

Do you travel for work frequently? Be loyal to a particular hotel brand. Signing up for the loyalty programs of the hotel you stay in does come with perks. You’ll earn rewards, discounts, and better experiences, like free breakfasts, lounge access, guaranteed last-minute rooms, and free night stays. 

About the author: Carmina Natividad is one of the lifestyle writers for Aspect Hotel Park West Dublin, a modern hotel, delivering exceptional accommodation and dining experiences for leisure and corporate travelers across Dublin. Writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle is one thing she finds enjoyable, next to petting her cat. 

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