How to wash Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs to keep them soft?

Just think how the brand-new Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs offer the perfect fit. Also, these come in the bright colors, with a taut elastic, fresh feel and softer touch. However, after bearing some washes their color gets fade and these also drop their elastic tautness. Even more, you may also feel the fabric has become saggy and worn. Have you ever thought why this happens? Well, most commonly this is a classic case of improper wash. Also, this can be one of the major reasons why men usually complain about an uncomfortable fit after using underwear for few times. Therefore, if you want to make sure to keep your underwear softer and brighter than it is always necessary to know how to wash these in a more effective way.

Why men’s underwear boxer briefs washing care is necessary?

Most commonly we disregard the washing instructions given with any underwear by blaming lack of time. However, keep in mind the fact that not following proper underwear washing instructions given on its label with the reason of having no time for proper underwear care can lead us to damaging out under garments. However, on the other side, investing a few more minutes can bring host of benefits to you.

Most common benefits which proper washing of your underwear can offer are:

  • It can help you to keep the colors of your underwear bright.
  • Proper washing care can help you to prevent elastic from drooping and stretching out.
  • Also, following proper washing instructions can help you to preserve the fabric integrity in the best possible way. Ultimately, it will also help you to prevent it from sagging in a more effective way.
  • It can also help you to prolong your underwear life which will absolutely help you in saving money for a longer run with ease.

After knowing these amazing benefits, you certainly want to know how to wash Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefsto keep them softer and newer for a longer period of time with ease. So, stay with us to know how you can perform this job in a more effective way.

Tips to wash Men’s underwear boxers perfectly

Check the label instructions for washing

Checking the washing instructions given on the label of underwear can be the best to follow if you want to ensure longer life of underwear. Even though you are buying the best Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs from Drawlz brand Co. still, it is important to learn how to wash it perfectly from instruction label.

Understand the needs of its basic material

If you couldn’t read the instruction label then still you can wash your underwear in a perfect way. However, for this it is always necessary for you to understand the basic materials of underwear and their needs. Because this will certainly help you to know specific features of different underwear materials.

Wash light and dark colored underwear separately

This is an important thing to notice. Whether you are going with handwash option for your underwear or want to wash them in washing machine, it is always necessary to separate all the light-colored underwear from the darker ones. And wash all of these separately to avoid any mishappen.

Always use a delicate detergent

Using regular detergent which can be harsh to your underwear is a common mistake which most of the people are doing while washing your underwear. People never pay attention on what detergent they are using to wash their underwear. This can not only damage the fabric but also make the underwear hard after washing. So, it is always better to choose a delicate or gentle detergent which is formulated without bleach, enzymes and phosphates which can break down some fabrics with ease.

Avoid using a hot dryer

Never use a hot dryer to dry your underwear. Because a hot dryer is not only playing an important role in fading your underwear color, but it will also create friction which can stretch out the elastic, waistband and fabric and will make your undergarment loose.

Never dry your underwear under direct sunlight

Although it is always necessary to air dry your underwear. But at the same time, it is also necessary to avoid keeping your underwear under direct sunlight. Because UVBand UVArays are not only damaging your skin but these can also damage the fabric of your underwear by making it dull, less soft and weakening them.

Never use fabric softener or bleach

Whenever it comes to wash your underwear then it is always better to avoid the use of a blench or a fabric softener. Because more commonly blench and fabric softener contain chemicals which are harsh. So, these can easily damage your more delicate items such as underwear. Also, fabric softener can leave harmful residue there.

Always prefer to handwash your underwear

It is always more effective to hand wash your underwear. Even if you don’t know how to do proper care of a particular pair of underwear, still handwash is the best choice. It is because handwash is always gentle to your underwear and can help these to stay in the best condition even after multiple washes. Even more, it is also necessary to prefer rinsing your underwear in cold water to keep it soft.

If you want to put these into machine then use a linger bag

Although it is always a better option to wash your under-garments with hands. But if you don’t have enough time to perform a handwash then make sure to never throw these into your washing machine with regular laundry bunch. Rather, prefer to place your underwear in a soft linger or mesh bag properly and then place them into a washing machine. This will help you to keep them from snagging and twisting. Even more, using a bag with a fine mesh is always better to keep your underwear safe even while washing them with a machine. Also, make sure to set your washing machine to a gentler cycle.

Even though you are buying the best Drawlz brand Co. still, it is important to wash your underwear with utmost care. Because washing your underwear carefully can enhance their lifespan, comfortability, softer feel and look in the best possible way.

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