4 Key Factors that Need to be Considered while Shopping for Pakistani Bridal & Mehndi Dresses

The wedding season in Pakistan

The wedding season in Pakistan is at its peak in which ‘The Bride’ is the main person to show off, suggesting that her beautiful dress, eye-catching jeweler, long-heel shoes, amazing makeup, and everything should be on point. And the most crucial among all is the costume worn by the bride and becomes the event’s spotlight. When we talk about the Pakistani Bridal Dresses, it is one of the most anticipated and well-planned things that a Pakistani girl really cares for. From the vivid color combination to patterns and themes of bridal dress design, everything needs to be perfect. To make sure all these, the bride has to go through a large number of gorgeous bridal dresses to choose from. Some prefer ready-made attires offered by various online and offline fashion clothing brands and others prefer unstitched form and tailor it as per their own choice and style.

Pakistani weddings

Pakistani weddings are well-known across the world for having a variety of different exciting functions and events, and Mehndi is one of them. There is no doubt Mehndi is one of the wedding events in Pakistan where all enjoy. One of the most exciting moments of this event is dance and signing, and families and friends dance in a graceful and rhythmical way, sing various relevant songs and partake in different games, making this function more stimulating. This joyful function is well-known for its brilliant shades, henna, a jovial ambiance, and of course, the beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Dresses worn by everyone and especially the bride. That’s why this is a fun-rich function, and for this bride and groom dresses are specially designed.


We frequently see that there are many Pakistani bridal and formal wear fashion brands launching striking assortments exclusively for Mehndi event. The bridal and formal dresses feature long frocks, lehengas, ghararas, shararas, flowy gowns, and churidars in vivid and lively shades to represent the Pakistani Mehndi traditions and culture.


Exclusive Inn brings some key tips for you to enable you to perfectly shop your Bridal and Mehndi outfits. Look at the following 4 key shopping tips and benefit from them:


  1. The Brighter The Better

As we discussed earlier, the decor of the Mehndi function is multicolored and brilliant as we use amazing colorful drapes and ornaments to beautify. The Pakistani bridal dress should be prominent. So, the dress colors are brighter and richer, enabling the bride to appear with more prominence.


  1. Dress As Per Your Persona

Some brides believe that they need a large variety of different colors for their Mehndi dress. We suggest a maximum of three colors that should be vibrant and vivid blending beautifully together. Your Mehndi dress needs to be simply bound with beautiful embroidery work, creative metalwork, and delicate ornamentations, making you simply prominent and you will be the core of your Mehndi function. Always consider your personality, and indeed finding the dress as per your persona is the key.


  1. Ensure Comfort 

We have mentioned that Mehndi is one of the wedding functions in which we all dance and fun together. So, you need to choose an outfit that gives you extra comfort while moving on the dance floor.


  1. Yellow is Not Necessary

Traditionally, yellow is the shade that we consider as the formal color of Mehndi and for a bridal outfit. Over time, this traditional concept has been changed. Now, you can use some vivid associated shades, such as different shades of orange and green. Other colors that can be used are Magenta and Deep reds.


We also recommend that there are no certain rules for brides to go behind and girls are free to make their Mehndi event as per their dress color choice. However, the aspect of uniqueness is the key. However, girls should keep in mind that the shed of Red is the only one where you should master your wedding look. Moreover, the color format also relies upon the time of year. For example, during summers you need to go with vivid and fresh colors, and during winters you should prefer light and deep shades.

Design patterns of lehengas, frocks, and maxis

When we talk about the design patterns of lehengas, frocks, and maxis, these are very in now for brides. There are so many families in Pakistan who only prefer Nikah and thus formal shalwar kameez is their only preference, which is indeed the best for this event. For Girls Dresses Pakistani, Exclusive Inn creates the opportunity for you to acquire your dream bridal dress from us. We not only entertain our Pakistani customers, but if you are from out of the country, we’re here to serve you! For all types of Pakistani Bridal & Mehndi Dresses, whether you need new trends like lehengas, frocks, and maxis or you prefer traditional ghararas, shararas and churidars, we make sure that we provide you with everything you want.

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