First date tips for Men

First date tips for Men

While you date remember The first impression is the last impression. so here is best 11 First Date Useful Tips for Men to impress the girls.

The first impression is the last impression. You have taken a lot of time to woo the girl of your choice, and she has agreed to come on a date with you. Congratulations! It’s a great accomplishment, but the tough road lies ahead. You met this girl/woman on a social media website, dating app, workplace, college or at a coffee shop and have crossed the first hurdle of getting her approval and now you have to take up the challenge lying ahead. Dating is a game of probability, it may or may not work, but you can work towards making it an impressive one Given below are few tips for the first date which can be used to leave an everlasting impression:-

The Best First Date Tips for Men

  1. Be a thorough gentleman
  2. Just relax!’
  3. Conversation
  4. Punctuality
  5. Dress for the occasion
  6. Basic Hygiene
  7. Confidence matters
  8. Treat her like a princess
  9. To Kiss or not to kiss
  10. Talk less, listen more
  11. A sense of humor

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  • Be a thorough gentleman:- Nothing puts off the girls/women than the bad manners. Avoid the mobile phone while you are talking to her, show courtesy to the waiters, display the excellent table manners, avoid slurping and making sounds while you chew your food. Open the door for her and at the least, show respect towards her. 
  • Just relax!:- Your body language should be relaxed while you are on the date. Even the girl would like to impress you as much as you want to impress her so don’t get nervous and focus on having a nice time with her.
  • Conversation:- You have to be a good conversationalist, that is a must! No one likes a person who is not able to converse properly. Try to talk about some interesting topics and keep it light, avoid talking about politics, religion, etc.
  • Punctuality:– If you are the guy then make it a point that you should arrive on time for your date. If you have to pick your girl up on the way, then leave a little early and pick her on time. If you are scheduled to meet at a restaurant, then be there before her, and she will be happy to see you waiting for her.
  • Dress for the occasion:- Avoid wearing shabby clothes on your date. Girls usually take around 1 hour to look good and impress; you should reciprocate the same for her. Dress up in neat & clean clothes and put on a nice cologne and your girl will inevitably be seduced by your appearance and the lovely manly fragrance.

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  • Basic Hygiene:- Avoid bad breath, dirty nails, hair (Facial, nostrils, head); this will be a disaster if not taken care of by you. Properly brush your teeth and use a good mouthwash, trim your nails, facial hair, hair in nostrils and you should get a good haircut. Take a good shower, apply a good moisturizer on your skin and you will look fresh & well groomed on your date.
  • Confidence matters:- To charm your woman/girl, you have to appear very confident. Sit straight, maintain that eye contact, speak in a pleasant baritone and pay attention to your body language. Also avoid talking about your ex, her ex, or any such topic which may make the girl feel a bit awkward. 
  • Treat her like a princess:- Its a universal fact that if you want to grab a place in the heart of a woman, then you have then you have to exhibit chivalry. Every girl in this world wants someone should pamper her and take good care of her. If you want to leave an everlasting impression, then use flattery and shower her with nice and genuine compliments. Be cautious and do not go overboard else it may give the negative result.
  • To Kiss or not to kiss:- Keep a close watch on the body language of your date, and you will get an idea if you should initiate a kiss or just hug her. You have to read the signals and catch them right if the girl is leaning towards you and there is a constant eye contact then its a very positive sign and you may initiate a kiss. If she is looking at a clock and ignoring you, then it’s a very negative sign and depicts that she is feeling bored in your company and you can say a simple goodbye or hug her before you part the ways.

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  • Talk less, listen more:- This is a golden rule for a date or any relationship in general. Women are very emotional, and they want someone to listen to them, someone who understands them and offer a solution to their problems. If you are on a date, then talk a bit less and that too on exciting topics only. Attempt to hear your partner, pay attention to her, and you will be amazed by her reaction.
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  • A sense of humor. Women love a good sense of humor; this is a fact. Stay off from cracking double meaning jokes though else you may turn her off. She may feel offended because she is not yet comfortable with you so keep it light. Humor is an excellent way to create that spark in your relationship and make her feel comfortable. She may be overweight but do not curse her for that because she may hate this. Avoid any personal remarks and try to make her laugh in a healthy manner.

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