Summer & Winter’s Ultimate Home Maintenance Tips (2020)

If you’re among those who wake up only after something goes wrong, then stress is your fate.

A homeowner was curious about why does he often get major home repair expenses while his neighbor wasn’t facing that problem. At last, he asked the neighbor and do you want to know his answer? For that, read till the end.

Based on the above, here are the summer and winter’s most important home maintenance tips that will save you thousands of dollars against searching for “home maintenance services near me.”

Let’s get into the details:

Home Maintenance in Winter:

A) Check Your Electricity to the Safe Extent:

Make sure you consider all the safety measures before getting into any electricity issue. Check whether all the outlets work or not. If you find one not working, then you should rewire it because that can save you from expensive home maintenance and repair services.

B) Look for Loose Handles, Racks, Knobs and others:

Walk around your home and find out any loose screws. Tight it to stay warm and comfortable. Because of that, you don’t need to search online for “Home maintenance services near me.”

C) Replace Your Faulty Locks and Deadbolts of Windows and Doors:

Faulty locks and deadbolts can create trouble for you, so it’s better to replace them in-advance to keep yourself away from any adventure.

D) Repair Showers and Bathtubs’ Caulking:

Water can leak from improper caulking around the showers and bathtubs. This is why in case you find a repairable caulk then repair it as soon as possible.

E) Sediment on Showerheads Reduces Water Pressure:

Do you face the problem of low water pressure from the showers? It’s because the showerheads get clogged with sediment.

To get back high-pressure water, take off the showerheads and clean them by removing sediment on them.

F) Inspect Your Basement for Deep Clean:

People ignore to look after the basements that cause them major home repair expenses later. Therefore, inspect for any mold in your basement; similarly, also clean the windows.

Put a reminder of checking your basement at least once annually.

Summer & Home Maintenance:

Repair Ugly Grout:

Look for ugly grout in your kitchen and bathroom to repair them. By that, you’d feel better as your kitchen and bathroom would look good and tiles’ lives would also increase.

Stop Water Leakages:

Water leakages can increase your monthly bills and it’s inhuman too as thousands of people around the world are craving for a water drop.

That’s why to walk around your home and find a leaking pipe. Repair it yourself, otherwise, call a plumber for it. You’d not be charged much for it, so don’t worry.

Summer and Insects are Best Friends:

In the summer, you’d feel your home as of insects more than yours. The reason is, you’d find mosquitos, flies, and other insects almost everywhere.

Want to know the solution?

1) Use ant poison

2) Clear Cobwebs

3) Keep all the doors closed tightly.

Clear Windows Well from Debris:

Having a basement means having windows well too. Thus keep the windows well clean from the debris like leaves, animals, and trash.

Clean All Kinds of Vents:

Check whether exhaust is coming out or not. Moreover, its smell should be pleasant.

In case there is not much exhaust then look for blockages if you’re good at that. Otherwise, call a handyman to perform that.

Besides, you need to clean the lint by vacuuming the hose at the dryer.

As a result, you’ll save yourself from searching “home maintenance services near me.”

The Answer of the Neighbour:

Here’s the answer to the neighbor mentioned above:

He told him that he maintained his home on a regular basis and condemned the mindset of waking up only when something gets wrong.

Don’t Forget to Clean Garage:

The garage gets dirty during the summer, so make it your habit of cleaning your garage in the summer. Doing that would increase the life of your garage would increase. The best practice is to clean the garage once annually for keeping yourself away from the expenses of home maintenance and repair services.


You need to make yourself understand the importance of regular home maintenance. Without that, reading and liking them in your heart is not enough.

Thereupon, the best way to determine yourself is by noting the important points on a notepad or in your mobile’s notepad and also set a calendar for each inspection.

Finally, if you think you still have any questions or doubts about how to get rid of searching for “home maintenance services near me,” feel free to comment below now.

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